Kim Sun Ah on the Set of Scent of a Woman

Oh boy. That bad perm isn’t going anywhere.

A bunch of photos were released last week showing Kim Sun Ah on the set of her new weekend drama Scent of a Woman. The drama started filming last week, and the first scenes show her at a farm trying to catch a chicken. It was reportedly very hot, but Kim was game and went through the filming despite the weather. Her character is also a travel agent, but I’m more curious as to who the guy next to her is. A client? A liaison? A coworker? Either way – this reminds me of how Yoon Eun Hye accidentally caused a havoc during a cultural festival for Lie To Me; looks like Kim Sun Ah will be having a “situation” of her own that requires catching chickens.

On top of that, Kim Sun Ah was photographed getting ready to jump into a large bowl worth 300 servings of bibimbap. No idea if it’s because of a scene in a drama, or if they were congratulating her or something – it was posted on the SBSNow Twitter feed.

source: nate, soompi


3 thoughts on “Kim Sun Ah on the Set of Scent of a Woman

  1. I hope she wont jump into that giant bowl of bibimbap, that food is so delicious. Give me some….hehehe!
    The hair look distracting at first, I don`t like it the first time I saw it, but with Suna`s cute and adorable face, she can carry any style of hair. I will just wait for her transformation.

  2. i just wish ithat this drama series is another big hit after city hall i love her since kim samsoon, she is one of the exceptional actress i saw, she had the tendency to move people into laughing, giigle, cry and stuff like that

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