A Kiss for Myung Wol

Eric Mun and Han Ye Seul recently filmed a “might-be-kiss-or-a-close-encounter” scene, which closely resembles the encounter Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won had in the first episode of Greatest Love.

However, Eric Mun stated in a recent interview that he needs to surpass Dokko Jin. As the second Hallyu star character to hit the TV screens, he needs to outshine the fantastical, megalomaniacal Dokko Jin. I’d love to see what he’s going to do with it.

Both stars have confessed that when they first started acting they always wondered what they could do to stand out in a drama. However, experience – and the military for Eric Mun – have made them realize that having fun and working as a team with the crew would be more important. They hope to bring in high ratings when the drama premieres on KBS on July 11. I can’t wait!

"Let me just wipe that dandruff off your shoulder..."


source: Sports Khan


4 thoughts on “A Kiss for Myung Wol

  1. Oh thank god it looks like they darkened his hair from that reddish pink nightmare he had going on in the concert scene!

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