Lee Da Hae Hospitalized for Fatigue

Lee Da Hae was recently hospitalized for fatigue, as she had done an all-night shoot last month, and her stamina had worsened over the weeks. She was ordered to rest for a week, but Da Hae received an IV treatment and went straight back to work.

Not only is the drama doing well, but she’s passionate about it since this is the first one she’s actually headlining after Chuno. (Well – if I were watching Chuno I wouldn’t be looking for her in the first place – not with Oh Ji Ho and Jang Hyuk around.) Her character is compelling since she’s a person of many faces, many looks, and many lies. It’s been said that she’s had to change her outfits ten times in an episode due to her character’s changing personalities.

I haven’t tuned in to Miss Ripley yet, but maybe after it’s all over I will. I am naturally averse to it because it’s a melodrama with all the cliches you can think of built into it. However, I do keep hearing good things about it, which makes me curious as to why it’s so great. With all the “scandals” Lee Da Hae seems to naturally attract (i.e.: speaking her mind too much, quitting projects halfway through, not having good PR, etc) I’d love to see her back at the top of her game and being just a good actress. If this is the vehicle for it, then I think I’ll tune in for a few episodes.

source: star news, allkpop


4 thoughts on “Lee Da Hae Hospitalized for Fatigue

  1. I’ve only ever seen her in My Girl and this one so I can’t relate to the bad-acting issues she had.

    Ms Ripley is daebak! ❤ It's like watching a sociopath in action… except you're rooting for the sociopath. LOL

  2. her role in ‘chuno’ was forgettable, especially when jang hyuk pretty much carried the drama. she had zero chemistry with him in there. i thought she and lee ji hoon were cuter in ‘hello miss’, but that drama was silly. and while everyone and their mother loved ‘my girl’, i was allergic to her role and the drama.

    still, it’s nice to see that she’s doing well for miss ripley.

  3. I love Miss Ripley, it’s not masterpiece and has some flaws, but so damn addicting! It’s been awhile I want to see A drama where a bitch is a heroine, LOL

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