News Bits: 6/17/11 Edition

Lee Seung Gi appeared in a Japanese show SMAPxSMAP, which is a variety show that features a cooking segment (where members of the group SMAP cook for the guests), a skits/performances segment, and a musical performance. He appeared in a skit and was praised for his natural acting – despite it all being in Japanese.

  • Song Joong Ki and Suzy from Miss A and Dream High are going to cohost Mnet’s 20’s Choice Awards. The awards show will air on July 7 and will honor the 20 hottest artists/actors in specified categories. Everything is netizen-voted – so it’s really like the People’s Choice Awards. Both were selected because they were considered people who could best represent the generation.
  • Actors Han Jae Suk and Park Sol Mi announced their romance recently, having dated for about a month now. The two of them met on the set of Merchant Kim Man Deok. Han was also seen in Lobbyist, Glass Slippers, and All About Eve, while Park previously starred in All In and Winter Sonata. They had previously denied their relationship because it wasn’t true then, but now they’ve admitted it.
  • Park Shin Hye had to clarify rumors about her diva-like behavior while in Taiwan promoting Hayate the Combat Butler. Rumors said that she threw out fans’ gifts after she left Taiwan last year for cosmetics promotional activities. Park stated that she’s never done that, and did her best to bring back all the gifts that were given to her. For those that she couldn’t bring home, she’d send them back to the sender. If anyone threw it out, it might have been the staff’s doing, and she apologized. I’m so intrigued by her statement, mainly because she could have just apologized and cleared it up, but she went further by saying it was the staffs’ mistake. It could be her way of rebuking her staff publicly, or even shifting blame.
  • Bekah is leaving After School! After School is one of those groups that will have an “admissions and graduation” concept, where new members will be added and older members are “cycled out.” Bekah, the rapper of the group, actually proposed the idea as she’d like to return to Hawaii and pursue becoming a designer. Oooh – I hope to see what she does in the future! Until then, she’s working on her “graduation project” – a solo track. And, After School is looking for a Japanese member for the group’s Japan promotional activities.
  • Daesung was cleared of any suspicions of negligent driving. Apparently, the motorcyclist was drunk and might have hurt himself in the first place. Therefore, Daesung’s accident did not cause the motorcyclist’s injuries or death. He has however agreed to pay for the funeral costs and apologized to the victim’s family. Daesung is so good – and I hope he comes away from this OK.
  • Hana Kimi the Japanese version (with Horikita Maki and Oguri Shun) isn’t that old, so I don’t know why it needs to be remade. Just because it was made 4 years ago doesn’t not warrant a remake – in Japan! What are they trying to be like, Hollywood? (Which I’m sure in 10 years will want to remake the Harry Potter series.) Anyways, the remake will have Maeda Atsuko as the lead; she’s an AKB48 member.
  • Oh yeah – and are “fresh faced selcas” the in-thing now? Below are Goo Hara and Park Shin Hye.
sources: star news, nate, asia one, soompi, allkpop, asianfanatics, osen

6 thoughts on “News Bits: 6/17/11 Edition

  1. Park Shin Hye ain’t the only Korean star to have to apologize for such things
    JYJ went trough this a month or 2 ago… their fan gifts were trashed by staff …
    while I can’t agree to feed ur star no matter how skinny he/she is – food and beverages are a high risk for poisoning or allergies (this happened before not only once) – it’s not a must to be allergic to everyday foods or items … it is enough just once to die … no need for a second round coz won’t be there

    in the same time I can’t see why gifts from fans can’t be send to orphanages or ppl in need in the name of the star… they would appreciate even more (c’mon how many cushions a star can deposit? or use? or how many slippers? or balloons?or cups?as far as I know none of them lives in a huge mansion )

    I can’t see it why it is her job or JYJ’s job to manage a truck or 2 of gifts : this is their staff or host’s staff job – to ship the items to Korea or use them in a good purpose

    their job is to be shinning stars and to love their fans back but… this is a flaw that KEnt didn’t correct yet

    • Wow. That idea is so simple in execution but genius in conception. (I’m not being sarcastic)

      I really didn’t realize that there are so much stuff pouring in from fans… and that there’s actually a helpful way of diverting that affection to those in need.

      Aww… I just remembered the (fictitious) roomful of stuffed toys in ANJell’s house. 😦 That would’ve been enough for a couple of happy Christmases in an orphanage.

  2. Kaede did Daesung really was cleared? From what I know they are still investiging, and Daesung did run over the body of the guy, the police still didn’t posted the report about if was daesung bump that killed the man or not…. also he wasn’t cleared yet because the report just come out next week! So the thing that was cleared was that had no hit and run before Daesung accident, it seems the man who died was drunk (not prove yet) and Daesung still passed over his body over 80 km. Police don’t know yet which bump caused the man’s death, and are beign careful with the investigations.

  3. wait so they are remaking Han Kimi?? From what I had read elsewhere earlier I was under the impression that it would be a sequel but without the original cast….this makes me kinda sad but also relieved that now I dont really feel the need of watching this…but it is still really strange that they would be remaking this within four years of the original

  4. Awww LSG in SmapxSmap!! anyone know where i can watch or dl this with English subtitle?
    thanks for posting this..i’ll be visiting your blog regularly now 🙂

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