I Need Romance – Episode 2

In the next episode, In Young is ready to get started on her newly single life and celebrates with her two best friends. However, when she finds out another news article about Sung Soo and Kang Hee officially dating, she begins seeing him everywhere. She gets so mad that she loses the ball at work, and has a hard time sleeping. In Young decides it’s best if she just throws out everything that he bought in her house, but just as she dumps them in trash bags, she finds Sung Soo waiting for her outside.

He can’t sleep either, and he just wants to stay one night. He misses her so much, and while Hyun Joo would be against this, In Young caves and lets him back in the house.

Meanwhile Seo Yeon has her own boy troubles; she just ran into her ex-boyfriend, who broke up with her 4 months ago. This ex was the one man she would have settled down with, but he claimed to have gone to Tibet. In reality, he was married and had a very pregnant wife. The ex arrives at Seo Yeon home wishing to explain; he had to marry the woman because she got pregnant (he’s still a cheater), and Seo Yeon had gotten as far as letting him into her home. However, with Hyun Joo’s help over the phone, she managed to kick him out before anything else could happen.

The mantra of the episode was that one should not recycle men. Hyun Joo firmly believes that once a man is used and thrown out, he shouldn’t be given a second chance. She herself uses a “disposable man.” Hyun Joo had attempted to lure her fiance to her home by making the place messy and getting him to move things for her. However, he told her he was busy working overtime, and Hyun Joo had to put everything back in order. Unfortunately she sprained her hip lifting the heavy chairs. Needing someone to help fix her place immediately, Hyun Joo calls up the “Disposable Men Club” to clean up. Kim Duk Soo is a handsome enough man that she’s immediately charmed by him, but she accidentally spills coffee on his pants – leading to some awkward touching.

Because she doesn’t think she’ll see Duk Soo again, she insists that no man be reused, and berates In Young for taking Sung Soo back. In Young herself has her doubts, as she still catches a whiff of Kang Hee on Sung Soo’s clothing, sees that they still talked on the phone, and spots Kang Hee’s pin in the backseat of Sung Soo’s new car (which he got for the movie). Despite Sung Soo being with her, there are still indications that he’s around Kang Hee, even if there are plenty of plausible reasons why.

Then it’s the day of Hyun Joo’s wedding. She waits nervously, receiving the guests, while Seo Yeon goes looking for the groom. Tae Won hasn’t shown up, and he didn’t show up to his bachelor’s party, or go home the night before. Finally, when the wedding is about to start, In Young gets a text from Tae Won: “Sorry.”

(What a douche.)

How does Hyun Joo handle it? She first tells the hotel staff that the groom is coming, and then calls up Duk Soo – he needs her to be her husband for the day.


I’m kind of glad that the story turned out the way it did, and I’m insanely curious as to how she’s going to pull off this wedding. The families and certain friends are bound to know that Duk Soo isn’t Tae Won, and so I’d like to see how Hyun Joo is going to play it out. In addition, I like that in this episode we’re seeing more shades to Seo Yeon and Hyun Joo. In the first episode I was afraid they’d become one-dimensional characters, but Seo Yeon has shown that she gets weakened by her exes too, and Hyun Joo has more fire in her than she seems. The only person who’s predictable (and possibly boring) is In Young. But she’s also our main guide in this drama so she’s got to be our stable rock. I would love to see a potential romance build up between her and her coworker Sung Hyun, as I think he’s way more worthy. He’s also the “second male lead” who’s “nice and gallant” compared to the more shifty Sung Soo.

I love Kim Jeong Hoon, and I can’t help but enjoy him with In Young, but I don’t think his character deserves her just yet. I’m getting that instinctive feeling of resistance towards their coupling, even if they are the main couple and he has been by her side for 10 years.

This drama is fairly easy to summarize (rather than recap to the fullest), but the question is whether I’ll continue doing it. To recap or not to recap? That is the question. I’ll be watching it though.

For those curious, I’m watching this series on DramaFever.


7 thoughts on “I Need Romance – Episode 2

  1. Am sriously enjoying this new drama’ cause it’s so contemporary.and relateable.
    Real romance is full of decption and misfortune and many a frog has to be
    kissed before a prince is found.

  2. I’ve only seen episode one but I like co-worker dude and not 10 yr bf. I think that ship has sailed. They work better as friends. I hope they don’t screw up and push them back together. Not in the mood.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I’d like to share the English translation to the mexican song “PARA QUE REGRESES”
    by El Chapo de Sinaloa (http://www.youtube.com/watchv=j7b_oBnQRqw&playnext=1&list=PL0C3E25FDC4BB7E6A)
    heard in episode 2, about 9:41 mins. ’cause it’s
    so catching:
    “I hope you never find a tender and sincere love:
    may every guy(gal) you meet along the way be stupid.
    That they only use your body,
    that when you ask for fogivveness(pardon), they ignore you.
    That they offend and humillliate you, day by day, night by night, until you cry.
    That when you’re sad, you’re not comforted,,
    that they mop the floor with you,
    so you’ll come come back, so that you’ll stay with me.
    that you never find someone else to love you, that’s why I say this.
    So you’ll come come back, so that you’ll stay with me,
    I hope that no one loves you as I do, so that you’ll come back.”.

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