Birdie Buddy Finally to Air

Yay!!!! Birdie Buddy is going to air!!!! It’s going to be on tvN in mid-August. FINALLY. This drama found a home! The curse is broken!

The drama suffered a lot of setbacks, having been a pre-produced drama, when it was picked up by MBC, rescheduled several times, and then finally scrapped altogether.

This is good, because now there will be a lot of UEE on the small screen – not only will she have Birdie Buddy but she’ll also have Golden Pond. Oh my gosh I’m so excited! I was actually looking forward to this drama after watching the extended trailer, even though I did feel like I knew the entire drama based on just that trailer. But still – fun fun fun!

source: allkpop, joinsmsn


3 thoughts on “Birdie Buddy Finally to Air

  1. o wow…wasnt expecting this at all….but this should be awesome and that will also be a lot of UEE in my as well as I fully expect to watch golden pond as well

  2. thank the heavens!!! after the super long teaser was released i was actually looking forward to this! hopefully it isn’t utter crap. or even if it is, hopefully it’s delightfully entertaining! šŸ˜›

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