News Bits: 6/15/11 Edition

Choi Ji Woo and Kang Ho Dong happen to share the same birthday – June 11! The crew of 2 Days 1 Night sent her a bouquet of flowers and a cake to wish her happy birthday, and she took a picture of it. She sent a message to Kang Ho Dong wishing him on his birthday with her best aegyo voice. Nice.

GAH – I can’t wait to watch the actress specials on TV!

  • Remakes of Korean dramas continue! This time, China will be remaking Shining Inheritance, and Jerry Yan will take the lead! I can totally see him as an arrogant brat, even though he’s older than Lee Seung Gi (by like, 10 years). Chinese actress Yedda Chen will take on Han Hyo Joo’s role. Try and beat the original, I dare ya!
  • Lie To Me is changing scriptwriters – this time it’s because of “health reasons.” Kim Ye Ri stepped down after the tenth episode and was replaced by Choi Yoon Jung (who’s written Life Special Investigation Team and Spotlight) due to her health, and not because of the flagging ratings. (Oh no, not at all!) Choi is said to be sticking with the original outline that Kim Ye Ri set out for the drama, so I guess that’s good. Or bad. Depending on how you view the series. For me, I have switched from Lie to Me to Greatest Love in terms of watching because Lie to Me is pretty predictable.
  • Lee Na Young was involved in an on-set accident as well, just days after Lee Min Ho’s. She was filming her movie “Howling” on a motorcycle when she was hit by a 51-year-old driver, who claimed to not have known about the film shoot. He had not seen any warning signs and bumped her, sending her to the hospital with minor injuries. While she’s OK, police investigated the driver and realized he had had his license revoked before. It’s a fault on both parties (not enough signage about film shoots, and an irresponsible driver).
  • Bae Yong Joon is going to be like JYP. Sorta. He’s going to debut a new male idol group under KEYEAST, and I bet you they’re going to enter the film industry as well. Some members have already been selected, all though there is no word yet on who they are or how many people will be in that group. It’s like Dream High – for real. Oh Bae Yong Joon – you just have to do everything don’t you? Actor, producer, restaurateur, businessman, writer, music producer. Egh.
  • Nixing all those rumors and speculations of adultery and breakup, Barbie Hsu has announced her plans to focus more on her marriage to Wang Xiaofei and getting pregnant than working on films. Her last film will be the upcoming “My Kingdom,” and after that she plans to just work on commercials, which don’t take up so much time. How nice to be rich and married to a rich guy that you can just take on part time commercial gigs and focus on family.
  • On the other hand, Nicholas Tse officially filed for divorce.
  • Ever since Jo In Sung was discharged from the military, his value as a model has soared and made him one of the men sought out for advertising. He’s signed on as a cosmetics model, a spokesperson for a smartphone, and even Outback Steakhouse to name a few. He’s just like Hyun Bin and Daniel Henney, who also have become prominent advertising models.

sources: star news, asiae, allkpop, asianfanatics, newsen


5 thoughts on “News Bits: 6/15/11 Edition

  1. The first of the 2d1n Actress Special (English-subbed) will be screened this Friday at 2210 (HK/KL/Spore time) on KBS World. Can’t wait!

  2. I have never understood all the noise about JIS, but supposedly he’s been doing extremely well for himself in just the few short weeks he’s been out of the army.

    • Did you whatch WHIB?Watch it and you’ll understand why he is so loved by everybody.If you already watched it,you’re immune to his charm
      Hope Barbie hsu is fine ,she is not married since a long time .

      • i watched WHIB and i still don’t get the fuss about jo in sung. i thought he was so annoying in it.

  3. JIS already secured his spot as an endorser even before his enlistment in the mlitary and in 2007 he even beat jang dong gun, rain , kang dong won, park ji sung as korea’s favorite commercial model and this was decided by the fans (2007 Korea’s Commercial Festival Award)

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