An Interview with Eunjung

Yay! An interview with my fave T-ARA/actress/idol singer! Eunjung, the former leader of T-ARA, won me over with her performance in Coffee House, and the one scene that I did watch of Dream High just so happened to be when she finally decides to go forward about the rape (?). (Forgive me if facts are wrong; I just flipped the channel and tada! Dream High was on TV. And then I watched for a few minutes before finally feeling too lost to follow.)
Anyways! Eunjung is appearing in the film thriller “White,” where she plays idol leader Eun Ju for a fictional group called “Pink Dolls.” (OK, so it’s already making fun of her position in T-ARA, as well as the girl groups APink and 5Dolls?) Each member mysteriously dies off until Eun Ju is left standing, and she gets to be the solo debut artist.


I was born on December 12, 1988. And I’m an only child. I think that’s why I’m probably like best friends with my mom.
The closest friend I made after becoming a celebrity is member Gyuri of girl group KARA. She someone that makes me lower my guard. And I become happy even by just hanging out with her, even when we don’t talk about a lot of things. It’ll also feel like we’ve met yesterday when we’ve actually met for the first time in a while. We have similar sentimentalities and taste so we even like the same directors. The people I invited first to the premiere for my film “White” was the members of my group and Gyuri. I’m going to sleep over at her house soon. I can’t forget to take my pajamas!
Filming for “Coffee House” and “White” overlapped so my schedule was the busiest at that time. I couldn’t drink at the wrap up party for “Coffee House” either because I had to shoot “White” the next day. Even when I’m legally allowed to drink.
Life as a member of a girl group is actually different from how it’s portrayed in “White.” Everyone is considerate each other because we have to live together. It’s actually weird if you act greedy. And we never fight over clothes. Even if a part I want to sing goes to someone else, it did because it works out best for us.
I don’t get angry a lot and I’m easy going so I tend to laugh off things. I’ll become very dramatic once I do get mad though. I’ll be on fire and act however I feel, not thinking of what’ll happen after that. That’s why it takes a lot to get to that point. Of course, I also cool off very quickly too.
I first started acting because my mom suggested it. She said she had a great precognitive dream about me when she was pregnant with me although she still hasn’t told me what it was about. For the time being, she’s faked that she picked up jewels by a beach. (laugh) When I was young, my dream was to become things like a nurse, ballerina and teacher but my mother took me to the Little Miss Korea pageant. And that’s when I started doing what I’m doing, unaware of what I was getting myself into.
My dream was to become an action star after watching “Charlie’s Angels.” The acting by Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore seemed so cool. So I started learning taekwondo, thinking I want to become like them. And I asked to be taught because I’m going to become an action star. Thanks to it, I grew a lot and became very flexible. But the physical strength I’ve accumulated by learning taekwondo hasn’t helped at all with my activities as a singer. I sleep the most.

My character in TV series “The Land” was someone who sang pansori, but I actually hadn’t learned how to sing it before I was cast for the show. I think my singing ability at the time was at the point where I got full marks folk songs? (laugh) I just confidently said, “I’ll learn it. I know I can,” which made the judges for the audition laugh and they gave me the part. I think I gained a lot of things from getting that role.
After making my debut, I had thought I’m ugly. But it was while filming movie “Ice Bar” that CEO Shim Jae-myung said to me, “Eunjung, you don’t have a pretty face but one that looks very pretty.” And he added that I’ll be able to play a variety of roles, like actress Jeon Do-youn. I think that’s when I stopped being scared. I may look dull but I can transform with my hair and make-up getting done so I became brave after that.

I was called a fashion terrorist when I first debuted but I think that was a transitional period for me in terms of style. I think I’m the type that improves over time and as I age more. (laugh) I’m also thinking of growing out my hair because I’ve kept it short for almost a year and a half. I feel like I should present people with a new style and some people see me as an anchorwoman because of my hair.
The most meaningful song to me amongst T-ara’s songs is “Crazy Because of You.”The people who cast me for “White” and other films and dramas said they saw a new side to me when I performed this song. I was told I was cast for “Dream High” after seeing our performance for “Crazy Because of You” because producers thought I would suit the role of Baek-hee who transforms.
One of the strengths that T-ara has is that everybody has great sense, to the point that we’ll pull off a commercial even if we’re handed the storyboard for it on the day of the shoot. Soyeon and Hyomin are good on entertainment shows, Jiyeon is an emcee and even Qri and Borm know how to say everything they need to.

I just love how honest she is, especially how she answered the question about how she views herself. She isn’t ugly at all, but that’s what I love bout her – her face is very relatable, and real. Without her makeup, she looks like a happy, young girl whom you can be friends with. Once made up, she’s stunning in that “I can pierce you with my stare” look.

This post shows an excellent chronological transformation of Eunjung. While I really thought that Eunjung may have gotten some surgery to make her eyes look bigger (based on the photos above), she looks like she is a natural beauty. Is it just me, or does she seem to not have a double eyelid in some photos either?

Below is the “Crazy Because of You” music video. Beware – it can cause seizures.

sources: asiae, youtube, anyentertainment


4 thoughts on “An Interview with Eunjung

  1. I love Eunjung too. She’s so talented. I feel like T-ara is rather underrated but they’ll have their time like SNSD. She has so much potential in everything. She could go off singing and be a great actor someday.

  2. I love Eunjung and T-ara too! Eunjung has the potential and i think the right attitude to make it big in the business, actingwise & music-industrywise. I feel too that T-ara’s time will come one day and go all the way to the top. So excited for their comeback. Thanks for this post kaede!

  3. i believe what u said … i really like eunjung … she really talented , i hope more and more projects that they offer to her drama or singing … eunjung ., i am fan off you i wish you the best and success and everything in your life and career .
    and and also i am fan of woojung couple … i really like you both like joongbo couple … go go go go go … fighty….
    and always take care your self ….

  4. She’s very pretty for me.. but her look that I love the most is her 4th photo.. where she laughs heartily.. ^ ^ she’s cute especially her voice but she’s also a strong woman.. an independent and respectful woman.. that’s why I like her.. 🙂

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