News Bits: 6/14/11 Edition

Here’s a look at the first script reading for Scent of a Woman, where you can see Kim Sun Ah, Seo Hyo Rim, and Uhm Ki Joon around the table. Where’s Lee Dong Wook? What’s with the ahjumma hair? and What’s with the hair and very skinny face? Only Seo looks somewhat fashionable for this script reading, while the other two look like they rolled out of bed.

Not that I’m holding it against them – I actually find it very funny and endearing, because they look more like normal people than big celebrities.

  • We may not see UEE in Birdie Buddy on the small screens, but we will get to see her in the new KBS weekend drama Golden Pond. She has been cast as the lead female “Baek Ja Eun,” a haughty woman who’s temperamental and only believes in her looks. (Low self-esteem issues, anyone?) The drama is around a family of four sons, and UEE will be the love interest for the third son (who has yet to be cast). Wonder if it will turn out well for her this time!
  • Oh yeah! New stills of Han Ye Seul and Eric Mun show them exactly how I like my spies and celeb hotties – rarin’ to go on a motorbike, and looking spiffy and arrogant in a nice hotel. OK, actually – I only really like Han Ye Seul’s pic – Eric Mun’s pic looks pretty typical nowadays. His pose is how they present all chaebols/rich people-in-dramas nowadays – cold and polished. These shots were taken while they filmed in Singapore, where Eric Mun’s character holds a concert.
  • T-ARA switches it’s leader again. After going from Eunjung to Boram, the title has now been passed down to Hyomin. Their management’s idea is to change leadership with every album release as a way to “instill a sense of responsibility in each of the members.” I kind of like that concept, and they remain one of my favorite girl groups. Their next album “Roly Poly” will be released on July 1.
  • Finally! A photo of Moon Geun Young and Won Bin together for Basic House! That’s all I was waiting for! (Dang – Moon Geun Young seriously looks like Go Hyun Jung.)
  • A teaser for Heartstrings has been released! This is teaser number 3, and it was subbed by the Park Shin Hye International Fan Community (props to them!) I’m really excited about this drama now. I mean, teacher-student relations opposite student-student relations? HRM.
source: newsen, allkpop, youtube

One thought on “News Bits: 6/14/11 Edition

  1. It’s Kim Sun Ah ??? i didn’t reconize her! …(a kind of Last Scandal drama!) …even that she’s so charming!

    Eric hot (sorry Gun Woon…it’s just a basic instinct! XD)

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