Kim Hye Sung Enters the Military

Kim Hye Sung is entering the military at an earlier point than his other fellow actors. He went off today, and promised to come back a healthy man, and more mature actor after his stint, and thanked his fans for their support.

He still looks like a mere boy, despite having grown onscreen from the film “Jenny, Juno” to Unstoppable High Kick, to Kingdom of the Winds, to “71 – Into the Fire.” Though he planned on making an early entry to the military, he still did an interview for reporters because, well, he’s still a celebrity.

See you in two years!!

source: star news, newsen


6 thoughts on “Kim Hye Sung Enters the Military

  1. He was so good in 71 – Into the Fire. I saw that film in the theater last summer, and I sobbed like a baby through almost the whole movie. TOP was also amazing in that movie; maybe it was because the character suited him, but he was way better than in IRIS.

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