News Bits: 6/13/11 Edition

Lee Byung Hoon’s younger sister Lee Eun Hee is getting married in November! The former Miss Korea and child actress is marrying her boyfriend of about 4 years. She used to be in the entertainment industry but took a backseat. Now she’s becoming more and more noticeable due to her brother’s fame, and works as a broadcaster now.

The date hasn’t been set yet, and her brother’s filming schedule will be taken into consideration (as he’s going to be in “G.I. Joe 2”).

I don’t think they look anything alike – in fact, she looks mixed!

  • Speaking of “G.I. Joe 2” Lee is lucky (or not?) to be one of three characters coming back from the first movie and going into this sequel. The other two are Channing Tatum (as Duke) and Ray Park (as Snake Eyes). Rachel Nichols, Marlon Wayans, Sienna Miller, Dennis Quaid, and Joseph Gordon Levitt are just some of the big named stars to be replaced. The director has been replaced with Jon Chu who directed “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.” As if the first movie wasn’t bad enough, I have an even worse feeling about this second one. I say that those who aren’t coming back are lucky to not be returning.
  • Lee Min Ho was involved in a car accident while shooting a scene for City Hunter. The car was wrecked, but fortunately he was OK. Everyone involved was rushed to the hospital immediately. Filming will resume as usual. What is up with this guy and accidents? He got into an accident while shooting Boys Over Flowers too!
  • You know, when it’s about to happen, there’s no use denying it and making headline after headline. Wu Zun is really leaving Fahrenheit. Aaron Yan, his fellow Fahrenheit member, pretty much confirmed it while attending a promotional event for “Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon.” The reason was that Wu wanted to concentrate on his movie career and spend more time with the family. Really now – there have been so many rumors and announcements, and then retraction and denial. I give up trying to keep track. Wu Zun – just go solo.
  • While Park Shin Hye is off to Taiwan to promote her new Taiwanese drama Hayate the Combat Butler, which airs on June 19, singer Jang Woo Hyuk will be starring in another Taiwanese drama that has-yet-to-be-named. He will begin filming around July. Jang was once part of the boy band H.O.T. as a rapper in the 90’s. He recently made his comeback as a solo artist with the song “Time is (L)over.” (You can watch it here, and in my opinion, it’s just “meh.”)
source: star news, moviefone, newsen, asianfanatics, asiae

2 thoughts on “News Bits: 6/13/11 Edition

  1. THAT’S Lee Byung-heon’s sister?? She doesn’t look anything like him at all! Maybe around the nose…but I suppose there are worse things in the world.

    Speaking of Lee Byung-heon, wasn’t his character cut multiple times and pushed down some kind of reactor shaft a la Return of the Jedi?

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