News Bits: 6/12/11 Edition

“Kung Fu Panda 2” is AWESOME! I loved it for its sweet unexpectedness. There is TOTALLY going to be a Kung Fu Panda 3 based on the ending, and I am SO there. It’s the start of an excellent summer – I’ve seen “X-Men: First Class” (James McAvoy + Michael Fassbender = *swoon*), so two summer blockbusters – *check*! Next up – HARRY POTTER! WHEE!

Oh – right – news bits.

  • In the photo above, Jiyeon from T-ARA reenacts a scene from what is clearly her favorite drama right now, Greatest Love. She cools herself down with a Vitamin Water, but says in her tweet that the lack of Dokko Jin’s photo makes the drink less cool. She also tweeted fellow group member Eunjung with “Potatoes are for raising. One day a flower will bloom.” Yep – this girl’s a fan alright!
  • Uhm Tae Woong continues to crack me up every Sunday night on “2 Days 1 Night” – especially in this past Sunday’s episode where he fails abysmally in foot volleyball. Oh boy. I loved the montage showing him as a cool, muscular actor – who’s actually pretty incompetent in athletics. But no fear – he’s back on the big screen with a new melodrama film, “Never Ending Story.” He plays someone who has a terminal illness, and he meets – and falls in love with – a woman who also has a terminal illness. Ehm. OK. But at least he’s keeping busy, and doing what is his strength – acting (versus “variety show”-ing)
  • Actress Kim Yeo Jin (Can You Hear My Heart, The World They Live In) was arrested recently during what seems to be a protest. The actress is also quite the activist and though she was given an hour’s warning (along with others) to leave by the police, she ended up getting arrested with them. The protest appears to be against Hanjin Heavy Industries, and it might have been against their business practices. I’m not entirely sure what she did wrong, but it’s not the first time she’s stirred up controversy. She’s also been cussed out by a member of the Grand National Party (Park Yong Mo) on Twitter, for making a sharp criticism of him.
  • The drama between Cecilia Cheung  and Nicholas Tse has intensified, this time with the two parties refusing to speak to each other, and Cecilia having to choose one of her sons for custody. She surrendered her rights to her mother-in-law for her youngest son Quintus. It seems to be quite the divorce of the year for Hong Kong.
  • Edison Chen just can’t seem to get away from sex scandals. After making a return to Hong Kong, now another person has stepped forward to claim that he had propositioned sexual relations with her. Lingerie model Gloria Wong claimed that Chen had sent her messages online and that they were in a relationship from 2003 to 2005. Chen has denied any knowledge of her, and some people have noted that Wong might just be trying to gain some publicity for a photo book she’s about to release. She also claimed previously that she denied knowing Chen, but now is turning on her past statement. Of course, Wong claimed that she was just denying their relationship to “protect him.” Either way, Chen has got to keep his you-know-what zipped in his pants, and people have got to let that guy live his celeb life sex-scandal-free.
  • BoA was spotted at a Glee concert in Toronto! She was at the front row with her film costar Derek Hough, and was seen singing along to many of the Glee songs. I vote for a BoA cameo, with an entire episode devoted to k-pop/dance music. (They can do the English versions of Wonder Girls, BoA, and SNSD if they want.) Or – a BoA cameo where she has a dance-off with Harry Shum Jr. Yeah – I like that better.

source: newsen, dramabeans, asianfanatics, allkpop


4 thoughts on “News Bits: 6/12/11 Edition

  1. Nic 😦
    It’s quite sad that Cecilia has to choose one of her sons. How the heck do you choose in a situation like that?

  2. Kim Yeo Jin…. I love her as actress (and she is pretty too)
    I didn’t know why she doesn’t have so many roles coz she is a fine actress(loved her in Yi San and now in CYHMH)… but Koreans hate controversy and scandals and it seems like she is a magnet for troubles
    btw CNYHMH – Kim Jae Won stated on MBC Section TV that he likes them young: he wants to act with girls born in 90’s (ouch that hurt… not that I’m an actress – but it is my face that guys the same age as me like girls 10 years younger- ooooooooook KJW!!!! I have a whole list with pretty guys born in ’87… or ’90s 😀 )

  3. I just realized Uhm Tae Woong was the ajusshi on Delightful Girl Choon Hyang! I remember vaguely he was the bad guy, but OMG he is so fine. I only got back into Kdramas recently, so I know what I’ll be doing over my vacation. Rewatching DGCH! Ah, the Edison Chen sex scandal doesn’t seem so long ago at all. I still remember the news breaking, and all the well-meaning discussions I got from my mom/aunts about how to never take nude pictures, don’t have sex before marriage… just look at what happened to poor Ah Gil! Lol. Ah Gil is doing dandy right now, soooo….

    • without sex before marriage.. that’s a bit harsh… not that I married with other guy… so should a girl stay virgin until 30s if she doesn’t want to marry(career or guys not that perfect for marriage)
      indeed naked pics are big no no …

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