Matthew Goode to Star in Park Chan Wook Film


This deserves a post on its own (rather than just a measly “news bits” entry) because 1) it’s Matthew Goode, 2) it’s the US debut for Park Chan Wook, 3) it’s Matthew Goode, 4) it’s Matthew Goode, and 5) IT’S MATTHEW GOODE!

Before I go gushing over this man, let’s get to the news part of this story. Goode is in talks to star as the mysterious uncle in “Stoker,” a film written by actor Wentworth Miller about a teenage girl (Mia Wasikowska from The Kids are All Right” and “Alice in Wonderland”) who encounters her uncle while mourning the death of her father. Nicole Kidman is slated to star as Wasikowska’s mother. Oh man – I think I’m super sold on watching this film. It appears Goode would be taking over the role from Colin Firth.

While Colin Firth is essentially irreplaceable, I have to say I’d love to see Goode in this role. He had a bad turn with “Leap Year” (of which he was so cute in such a terrible movie), but he was amazing in “Match Point” and “Watchmen.” I am so hoping the “talks” work out.

I’ve been in love with this guy since I saw that cheesy movie “Chasing Liberty” starring Mandy Moore. It’s your typical rom-com film, and super predictable, but I loved it (and rewatched it about 17 times in one summer) because the characters went to so many places in Europe, and Matthew Goode was just so hot. *Ack* When I realized he was in the TV movie “Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister,” (which I had seen earlier but never knew who he was under all that long hair), I was even more in love. I was so happy when his character had a happy ending, even though I didn’t know who he was. But after “Chasing Liberty,” I’ve become a fan.

And now, to hear he might be in a Park Chan Wook film? I’m hoping for an excellent film-viewing experience.

source: asiae


3 thoughts on “Matthew Goode to Star in Park Chan Wook Film

  1. on one hand I’m all YAY cuz it’s Mathew Goode (HOT) and on the other I’m kinda said it’s no longer Colin Firth

  2. OMG KJ–you and me BOTH. i too became smitten with MG after watching chasing liberty!

    this is the best PARK CHAN WOOK news ever! and i, for one, am totally stoked for STOKER.

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