Greatest Love: Episodes 7-8 Thoughts

OK, Show, you got me.

It took a while, but I’m starting to enjoy it. I haven’t reached – “OMG GIVE ME NEXT EPISODE NOW!” but I am certainly looking forward to it. Keep Dokko Jin acting somewhat sane (since everyone else does) and we’re good.

You know what I REALLY WANT? The Dokko Jin who casually lifts Goo Ae Jung over the electronic gates because she can’t climb over it, and regards her coolly. The Dokko Jin who then wishes her good luck, and has soft eyes, but isn’t going to let himself go further. The Dokko Jin whose gaze can embarrass her because of the situation and because of her feelings for him. The Dokko Jin who can coolly walk away. The Dokko Jin who knows how to manipulate the press evenly.

THAT’S the Dokko Jin that should exist. He doesn’t have to be ridiculous at all! The entire karaoke scene in episode 7 had me wincing like mad. I couldn’t handle it! Can’t handle the cheesy Dokko Jin; even though “cheesy” lines are those that should make you shiver in disgust but you secretly really like it, his lines make me shiver and wince in pain…. and that’s it. He was so stupidly hilarious in the parking garage scene (where he drives at crawl’s pace next to Ae Jung, forcing her to knock on his window and ask if his car is OK), and when he revealed his scar like Superman. I mean – really? No.

These two episodes were all about the face-off between the two men, and I like that Yoon Kye Sang gets the opportunity to step up in his role. He could always do it – it was just a matter if he could be written that part. I do wish that we got more Yoon Kye Sang with the other contestants though. Seeing him deal with the other girls on the dates – even as a short montage – would have been fun to see. We could then compare with Ha Ru Mi and how annoying she is (not that we don’t know it already, and the less of her the better), but it would provide more scenes of the show that everything seems to center around. I knew he was also going to give all three roses to Ae Jung – it’s predictable like that – but it was still nice to see it happen.

I had said long ago that I wished Yoo In Na could end up with Yoon Kye Sang. However, Se Ri never improved, and she’s proven to be quite the bitch. Therefore I hope she stays alone and bitter.

I found the history of the National Treasure Girls highly interesting, and this Han Mi Na character is becoming more important than we thought. She’s the key to everything. It’s so interesting to see Yoo In Na’s fate be turned in an instant. I have to say that it’s so interesting how one moment can change a career in the entertainment business. Scary, isn’t it?

One thing I was surprised about in episode 8 was how fast things moved plot wise. (The episodes still crawl by so ever so slow for me that it’s hard for me to watch two episodes straight in one sitting, unless I really force myself.) I think it’s kind of dumb how Dokko Jin thinks he’s easily cured by knowing that the song was playing during his heart surgery. He was so open and honest about his love, but then can turn a complete 180 when he realizes that his doctor played the song during his surgery, and therefore it’s not “his fault” for falling in love with Ae Jung. I think that whole bit is quite unbelievable, but it does help turn the entire series on its head, because now that he’s no longer chasing after her, she’s just realized that she likes Dokko Jin. Fun.

Best line ever? “That’s the upside to unrequited love – I get to do whatever I want”


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