News Bits: 6/8/11 Edition

Isn’t he cute? I have no real reason to post this, other than 1) hey! Jung Gyu Woon is out of the hospital! 2) he’s in a suit! and 3) he’s making funny faces! Ah – can’t wait to watch the episode tonight.

  • Youthful Beauty just might be extended. The 18-episode drama is considering it as the ratings have been steadily increasing, reaching first place with 15.5% this past Monday and Tuesday. That will also mean Spy Myung Wol will premiere a week later.
  • Kim Hyun Joong admitted that he had plastic surgery. I laugh – it’s so hilarious to hear it, especially when the news was considered “shocking.” I mean, honestly I’m not even surprised he did any. He had a nose job after getting it broken when he got hit by a stone.
  • Here’s a long trailer to Extravagant Challenge – the new Taiwanese drama that also stars Choi Siwon and Donghae from Super Junior. It seems pretty funny, as the drama is a remake of the Japanese manga Skip Beat. It’s about a girl who gets dumped by her long time boyfriend and becomes a star to get revenge. (Oh if only it were that easy!) Choi Siwon and Donghae both speak Korean while the gals speak Chinese, but I think at one point, Choi Siwon speaks Chinese. I wonder how it’ll work out.

6 thoughts on “News Bits: 6/8/11 Edition

    • i knows right!? i think the only thing i’d watch (if i ever do) is to see choi siwon stumble through chinese. 😀

      btw – agree with you on the gu yong ha vibes. 😀

  1. JKW – swoon.
    Kaede, your reasons plainly make sense and would weigh a lot in a court. There, I rest my case. Bwahaha. I can go to bed now and fantasize about an ugly duckling turned into a judo champion. ^^

  2. JGW’s pics ..don’t need a reason ! thank you for sharing Siwon’s news …i’m curious about Skip Beat adaptation ..!

  3. I think they’ll dub over the Korean, it doesn’t make sense to use both languages in thE broadcasting. This looks great though. I really enjoyed Skip Beat, so I’ll watch this for sure

  4. Hmm…. It’d be better if the main girl character was more badass, like Kyoko turns in the end.
    I’m not convinced it’ll be as good as the manga. Especially with the two languages thing. I hate it when they have to dub someone’s voice 😦
    It does seem quite funny though. Especially the last spitting water bit. Classic.

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