Lee Hyori to Make Comeback

Now THAT’S a comeback I’d like to see!

After plagiarism scandals that hounded her since her release of her last album “H-Logic,” Lee Hyori has done much to rehabilitate her image by volunteering and helping out at animal shelters. She’s kept a relatively low profile, waiting for all the negative press to die down. It’s not entirely her fault, as she simply had bad luck with a songwriter who liked to copy instead of create.

But now she’ll be releasing her new album as early as August to September of this year. It was originally planned for June, but was pushed back. An official was quoted saying, “Collecting songs for the album and preparation for her comeback will be done in June.” That’s not very inspiring or comforting, as it makes me wonder whether they had done any work at all in the earlier half of this year, and if the album will be so rushed that it’s bound to encounter some problems again.

Lee Hyori – just make a good, scandal-free album, please?

source: asianfanatics


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