Spy Myung Wol is No Melodrama

Well – we kinda knew it wasn’t going to be a melodrama when the premise is a North Korean spy falls in love with a Hallyu actor. But then again – you never know – it could have been an ATHENA mixed with Best Love but no Hong Sisters humor. That would make it an action/melodrama type.

But guess what! The plot is: Han Ye Seul is the spy tasked with stopping the spread of Hallyu fever in North Korea.


Han was able to pull off both the “killer sniper look,” as well as “high school girl fan” who camps outside his home in an attempt to see him. (Oh my God I think I can’t wait to see this first episode…)

Eric Mun plays Kang Woo a top-notch actor who wears Italian suits and drinks mineral water all day. (That’s just to show you how upscale he is.) He and Han Ye Seul also did a script reading for their scenes that will be shot in Singapore, and delivered their lines in “perfect English.” (We foreigners will be the judge of that!)

Jang Hee Jin (Hometown Legends) joins the cast as Joo In Ah, an arrogant chaebol-heiress-actress (ugh – another one of those hyphenates) who sets her sights on Choi Yoo (Lee Jin Wook), the cool headed partner for Myung Wol, and Kang Woo. Hah – of course, no one loves the arrogant heiress, as both men prefer the killer assassin/sweet girl next door Myung Wol.

source: osen, soompi


5 thoughts on “Spy Myung Wol is No Melodrama

  1. seriously is this the official plotline? in my opinion it’s either gonna be EPIC or total fail (hoping for the former). but HYS does speak english well 🙂 she grew up in the States or something i think. I remember hearing her speak it in Fantasy Couple. …but i’m not sure about Eric’s Engl(r)ish though the man sure looks smokin’ hot!

    • I’m pretty sure his english will be mighty fine as well. I think I read somewhere that Eric grew up in the US and even changed his US citizenship for the Korean one.

  2. What a gorgeous couple! i can’t wait too !
    Let’s hope for a great character for Eric (like Que sera sera !)

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