News Bits: 6/3/11 Edition


Um. What in the world is Choi Song Hyun thinking? Is it because of her prim and proper role as a prosecutor in Prosecutor Princess that she’s decided to break out and go crazy? She was dressed like this for the press conference of tvN’s I Need Romance. Her dress reeks of the desperation that the title connotes, with a splash of vixen/dominatrix.

At least her costar Jo Yeo Jung looks somewhat normal in her dress – even though the design is a pattern of barbed wire.

  • Lee Joon Hyuk (City Hunter) was involved in a car accident – or more like a car inferno. At around 3 in the afternoon he had gotten in a car with his manager and stylist; about 30 minutes later, the passenger seat burst into flames. Luckily no one was badly hurt, and Lee displayed great calm when he immediately called 119.
  • Despite all the recent “getting togethers” that happened at the end of May, now we have a breakup. Lee Tae Gon (who is currently starring in Gwanggaeto the Great) and actress Oh Seung Hyun (I Love You, Don’t Cry) ended their one year relationship. They had met through actress Im Ye Jin, and became a couple in April. However they only officially announced their relationship in November. And now it’s June and they broke up. Ahs wells. Both of them cited “wanting to focus on their careers” as a reason for the breakup.
  • Here’s a still from Song Joong Ki and Han Ye Seul’s upcoming film “Saving Up for Romance.” In the film, Song plays a college student who spends like crazy, depending on his mother for money instead of earning any for himself. Han is the complete opposite – a penny-pincher who refuses to do anything that will waste money, including going on dates. (Gal – if you go on a date with a proper guy, you won’t have to spend a dime!) They finished filming mid-May, and the film is slated for a premiere later this year.
  • Ooh – the newest Jason Bourne film, “Bourne Legacy,” is going to shoot some scenes in South Korea. It’s going to star Jeremy Renner as the new Bourne, and Rachel Weisz. One thing I love about the Bourne films is how they film in crowded places – whether it’s New York, Tangier, London, or Berlin. So I’m hoping that they’re going to recreate some “crowd magic” when they film in Gangnam.
  • Jung Gyu Woon and Lee Yoon Ji were named promotional ambassadors for the Jecheon International Music and Film Festival, which will be held in August 11-15 of this year. They’ve already shot some photos for a donation campaign and a spread in Marie Claire magazine.
  • Lee Chun Hee  and Kim Sae Ron (the new up-and-coming child actress who has acted with the best of the best actors already) are starring in a new film called “Barbie.” It focuses on a girl put up for adoption and her relationship with Barbie (I think they mean the doll, but the article presents it as a person named Barbie…so…). It delves into the issues of beauty and overseas adoption. Lee plays Kim’s uncle, who puts her up for adoption as a means of making a quick fortune. Yeah – you’re not supposed to like him.
source: star news, hancinema, asiae, nate

6 thoughts on “News Bits: 6/3/11 Edition

  1. a penny-pincher who refuses to do anything that will waste money, including going on dates. (Gal – if you go on a date with a proper guy, you won’t have to spend a dime!)

    I think in her vision a proper date suppose a proper dress, proper shoes(preferable some heels) and proper make-up – I kinda believe the character doesn’t have any of those – In reality … u can do without it :d and the guy to love u even more 😀

    Choi Song Hyun’s dress :I’ve seen crazy stuff until now… but that dress is a bit too trashy … I’d love to see on prime time makeouts done as in American or European television … however I bet they will be as careful as Korean television can be 😀

  2. So proud of Jung Gyu Woon ! ^_^ he’ll be the best as ambassador

    Maybe it’s because of “Will it snow for christmas ?” but i can imagine the couple HYS and SJK …

  3. Oh, Lee Tae Gon. I remember him most for his abs from “Assorted gems”.

    Seriously, when the news will be out that Jung Gyu Woon is dating, I’ll shed a tear.

    Thanks for the news!

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