Which Kiss is Hotter?

Time to vote ya’ll!

Found another spoiler photo of Romance Town (I can.not. get away from this drama!) In the June 2nd broadcast (meaning Thursday, meaning episode 8!) a thief broke into the house and tied up Soon Geum and Gun Woo. Spoilers appear below!


Gun Woo gets knocked out in the process, which freaks Soon Geum out. He reassures her that she’s fine, and they work together to get themselves out of the duct tape. Since Soon Geum’s mouth is taped and Gun Woo’s isn’t, he uses his mouth to rip it off hers. Needless to say it’s like he’s kissing her. (So THIS is why they end up in the hospital?]


So here’s the question. Which is hotter? Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan‘s cola kiss? or Sung Yuri and Jung Gyu Woon‘s duct tape kiss?

I pick Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan, but if it were me and Jung Gyu Woon having a cola kiss… that’s another story.

EDIT: OHMYGOD – after watching episode 8, I think I change my opinion. Let’s just say…. I’m a soft romantic at heart…. 😀

source: nate


10 thoughts on “Which Kiss is Hotter?

    • I agree with endodo. I think they have to be rated on different scales, though, because their intentions were different. The LtM kiss was hot, but GW and SG weren’t ready for that yet.

  1. omg omg omg. this. well in terms of sweetness i think this is the one. its not full on passionate kiss mode but its sweet and cute. and well if its still starting out i think this is better. omgggg download finish ppali. subs too.

  2. I’ll wait for your ep 8 recap to vote, although technically speaking only YEH and KJH kissed. ^^

    Yet although I’m all for real kiss, one of the sweetest was not. Ya all remember JKW’s as Park Ji Heon gently touching KSY cheek prior lip-touching. Didn’t we gasp then? I would have trade seats with her right there. LOL

  3. actually what i loved about korean drama kiss are often the kiss build up from a nice circumstance (if i want to watch a real kiss, i will watch american tv show or movie).

    that’s why i don’t care whether they kiss passionately or not, i don’t feel giddy watching them honestly, particularly when they build up a kiss in a false situation. I feel nothing when watching YEH-KJH kissed in LTM, especially after ki joon run into another woman after that kiss (geez!) …

    Maybe I’m weird….. Haha

    I’m yet have to watch epi 8 RT, though. But it seems sweet.

    • Nope, you’re not weird. I feel the same way too. 😀

      Somehow I think that LTM viewers/followers/recap-readers, including myself, are interested in the YEH/KJH couple solely for a potential loveline irl.

      @ Kaedejun
      I took the plunge and watched my 1st RoTo ep (#8) with subs. For the sake of JKW’s luv, I’ll just stick to reading your recaps on dramabeans instead.

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