Romance Town – More Spoilers!


We have a kiss! Or two! Or three! Or not. šŸ˜€ Either way – do I sound shallow, because all I care about is a kiss between the characters? Huh!? Sorry – I don’t have a “deeper” thought about it.


“So um – what are you looking at down there?”

Can I just say that I am very happy Soon Geum has more than one fancy outfit now? Because that white blazer, black dress thing was going to get old if she wore it once too many times.

“What are you DOING down there?!”
Gun Woo: OWW!! Ow – owwwww!
Soon Geum: Serves you right!
So – Soon Geum visits him as Shi Ah, and visits him as Soon Geum. HM. I wonder how THAT works out!
Now on to couple number two – Da Kyum and Young Hee.

source: soompi


4 thoughts on “Romance Town – More Spoilers!

  1. LOL at your comment on the lady writing stuff on his upper leg.

    Woooooot!!! I’m sorry. That’s the only word I can think of right now seeing the stills above, my brain just went blank, especially after the hopeful news on your previous entry.

    Ah…. Jung Kyu Woon. *sigh*

  2. If he doesn’t recognize her with her bangs then I’ll be pissed. Because with the bangs is so easy to recognize her!! ><

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