Song Joong Ki and No Min Woo Casting News

Nope – they’re not in a drama or movie together! But they are going to appear in new dramas and movies.

Song Joong Ki is going to star in the drama Tree Without Deep Roots alongside Jang Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung. And guess what? He’s gonna be KING! Yep- Song will be playing the young King Sejong, who rebels against his father’s tyrannical ways and practices restraint. But he won’t be in the drama long – Han Suk Kyu will take over as the older King Sejong.

The drama follows King Sejong as he establishes Hangul, the Korean alphabet, and a series of murders that take place. Juuuuuicy.

As for Noh Min Woo, who is fresh off of Midas, was cast in the film “Gisaeng Ryung” alongside T-ARA’s Hyomin. He plays a detective, Chul Woong, who investigates the death of a couple and gets pulled into the horror tale of a child’s ghost who takes over other people’s bodies. 49 Days, this certainly is not.

source: asiae, allkpop


2 thoughts on “Song Joong Ki and No Min Woo Casting News

  1. aw man…and I really wasn’t planning on watching Tree with deep roots but apparently where ever Song Joong Ki goes I go….I really dont ever plan on watching the dramas he stars in before hand but then I check out the first couple of episodes to see his cute face and get sucked into them like Alice gets pulled into the rabbit hole…I call it the Song Joong Ki- wonderland effect..I just dont know if its because of him or his drama picking abilities..and that’s 3 sageuks that I’m anticipating now including Princess’ Man, Honorable Baek Dong Soo
    and wow….No Min Woo’s new movie sure sounds intriguing….Is it just me or are we get a truckload of good fantasy stuff these year?..both in dramas and movies

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