Park Shi Hoo Grows Out His Hair


See – THIS is what I was afraid of. Because Park Shi Hoo is now in a historical, he’s going to grow out his hair, or at least don a wig. Joseon Dynasty or not, I’m sure there’s a moment we’ll see him without a topknot and hat. ECK!

Park posted the photos of his first day’s shoot on the set of The Princess’ Man. Grudgingly, I admit that he looks kinda cute. He really has that rocker vibe going on with the dark sunglasses and the long hair, and it’s… hot. But I cry in fear that he’ll look like Jang Geun Suk (who downright looks girly with long hair) because his face appears slimmer. I take comfort in the fact that he does seem to have a bit of a 5-0’clock shadow there.

source: twitter


3 thoughts on “Park Shi Hoo Grows Out His Hair

  1. NOOOOOO!!! 😥

    And what’s with his emo-pose??? I guess I prefer him smiling at the camera rather than posing as ‘contemplatative-wise-man’.

  2. it looks wierd now…but I’m sure I’ll find it hot once its in full mane of glory mode once the drama starts….hanbok nd all..cant wait!!!

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