News Bits: 5/27/11 Edition

Another suicide. Chae Dong Ha (from the group SG Wannabe) was found dead in his home after hanging himself.

Once again, depression has been cited as the cause, and the star was even taking prescription drugs to battle it. His body has already been taken to the hospital for his funeral. An autopsy will be performed to fully investigate how and why he passed away.

*sigh. I hate to sound cynical but it feels like, “Here we go again…” with all the deaths. Why oh why don’t these actors get help?! If Korea has this taboo-like attitude towards mental diseases, then it’s about time they change it. It’s about time some brave actor stands up and says “I have depression and I’m treating it.” That way there might be less suicides.

  • Kim Young Chul (IRIS, Life is Beautiful) and Lee Min Woo (Life is Beautiful) have joined the cast of The Princess’ Man, which stars Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won. Kim is playing King Sejo, or Prince Suyang as he was known before becoming king, and is the father to Moon Chae Won’s princess. Lee Min Woo plays a “charismatic” betrothed to Moon? I could be wrong about that one, but it’s likely he’s third wheel to the triangle.
  • Lee Seung Gi is to make a cameo appearance on Best Love. He will appear as himself in the upcoming June 1 episode. Lee previously starred in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, another Hong Sisters creation. Grrr – the drama gods are telling me to get my butt moving and catch up on 8 episodes.
  • And now, a photo spam of Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan! They had a photo shoot along with Jo Yoon Hee (who plays the ex involved with Kang and Sung Joon back in the past). Kang admitted that he felt shy about kissing Yoon Eun Hye, but their kiss came out OK anyways! And Jo Yoon Hee noted that her heels were quite high for her. Aww… I’m not liking Yoon’s outfit though – she looks huge in that baggy shirt/dress with just leggings. No.

source: newsen, nate, star news


2 thoughts on “News Bits: 5/27/11 Edition

  1. YEH and KJH’s kiss came out better than ok..hehehe
    the cast additions to Princess’ man are totally awesome…Kim Young Chul played an awesome daddy in LIB and Lee Min Woo played his irritating (to me at least) son-in-law….so if he’s playing a suitor to the princess, this means they’re characters will have a similar relationship in this drama as well..heh…..I do think Lee Min Woo is a good actor though….he played a cool baddie in Crime Squad as well

  2. YEH’s outfit and hairstyle are atrocious. She who is a gorgeous young lady looks like an overweight “halmeoni”. O_O
    Yet it seems that KJH does not mind at all. ^^
    Oh these two… I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to follow Eugene and Tae Young’s footsteps. ^^

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