Sign: Episode 19

Marching forth! We are two episodes to the end. There’s plenty more skinship in this episode between Ji Hoon and Da Kyung, but it’s too little too late. Not that I’m disappointed by it, or feel that it’s rushed – but more because I’m just sad, knowing how this ends.

Da Kyung is surprised – and nervous – to see Ho Jin. He steps towards her threateningly, but he doesn’t attack her.

“Remember when you said you can’t turn back time?” he asks. “You’re right… Out of my entire life, you’ve listened to me more than anyone else. So thanks.” And a tear trickles down his face.

Oh my God – our baddie… is vulnerable?!

His confession stuns Da Kyung, but she resolves to catch him – he is still a bad guy. Ho Jin: “I wish I could talk more, but I have to go home. My parents are waiting for me.” And he turns to leave.

When Da Kyung goes on her own way, she bumps into Ji Hoon, who’s looking for her – although, he doesn’t say that outright. He’s just worried whether she’s OK or not, but since she is, he turns to leave. Da Kyung invites him to go to the analysis room with her, and find out what the contents of Jae Won’s computer are.

They’ve found the original draft of the game City Hunter, and in the original, the methods of murder are a bit different. The final mission is also different; in the original, the killer must kill his parents. Da Kyung realizes that Ho Jin is heading home – to his parents.

Da Kyung calls Yi Han about the tip, while he’s trying to fish information out of Jae Won on who is Ho Jin’s last target. They all head over to Ho Jin’s home, in a fancy, secluded area. When Ho Jin walks into his home, his father says they only hired the lawyer to protect the family reputation, not him. Even the mother wants nothing to do with him, and she cleans up the table – not letting him eat dinner.

Da Kyung and Ji Hoon arrive at the dark home, where Ho Jin had shut off all the lights. They find the mother tied up with rope and tape over her mouth, and free her. She warns that the father is in his study, and Ji Hoon finds the father tied to the chair. However, the study door is locked.

Da Kyung is still downstairs with the mother, and that’s when Ho Jin appears behind them, hammer in hand. Da Kyung pleads with him: if he kills his mother, he’ll never be able to turn back time, and he’ll regret it. But Ho Jin tosses her aside and raises his arm over his mother…

Ji Hoon finally manages to push the door open…

Ho Jin swings his arm down…

A shot is fired. Yi Han saves the day! Ho Jin falls to the ground. With his last breath, he confesses that he killed Da Kyung’s sister.

The body is taken away, and Yi Han admits that it was the first time he ever shot a person – and he feels dirty. He wonders what murderers must feel when they kill people. Da Kyung informs them that the parents didn’t even cry when Ho Jin died – they just asked for them to prevent rumors from starting. Poor Ho Jin, but still – good thing he died too.

At the hospital, Da Kyung paints her sister’s nails, and their father comes in to say that the prognosis is not good for the sister. However, they’re both at peace with that diagnosis as well. Da Kyung asks her father what he wants for his birthday, and he reveals that he wants some good fish – and dinner with Ji Hoon! He wants to thank him for making his daughter into such a respectable forensic examiner.

At NFS, Wan Tae does his work in a daze – still in shock over what he did in regards to the Seo Yoon Hyung case. Sook Ja then calls Jae Young aside – to talk about the kiss!!! Hahaha – she clearly can’t forget it. She just wants to know what he was thinking when he kissed her – but when he tries to explain, she cuts in: “If it’s too difficult, you don’t have to say anything. I accept your feelings.”

BWAHAH! Jumping the gun here a bit, eh?! AHAHA

Da Kyung drags Ji Hoon to go shopping for a warm jacket for her father. She takes out several jackets and uses Ji Hoon as a model. Heehee! It’s worth just seeing Ji Hoon be uncomfortable doing something… normal? And acting very much like a boyfriend. Ji Hoon thinks he should get something as well for her dad, but she tells him it’s unnecessary. Da Kyung purchases the jacket for her dad and presents Ji Hoon a gift as well – she got him one too.

That evening, Da Kyung, her father, and Ji Hoon gather around the table for some soju and freshly sliced fish. Papa Go praises Ji Hoon and even says that the examiner should be the next chief of NFS. Da Kyung uncomfortably informs her father that Ji Hoon no longer works at NFS. Ah – woops. Papa Go eagerly changes subject and teaches Ji Hoon how to eat fish (since the examiner doesn’t really like seafood. What a picky eater…). Da Kyung laughs at how uncomfortable Ji Hoon is. She even tells her father that Ji Hoon can’t drink much, but there’s no getting away from the pushy papa.

Three bottles of soju later, Ji Hoon is in a sleepy stupor, and Da Kyung has to bring her dad (who’s spouting embarrassing nonsense such as, “You and husband Yoon will make a good couple.”) into the room. She brings him into his room, and then comes out to find Ji Hoon collapsed under the table, muttering “I hate sashimi… I hate sashimi…”


Da Kyung drags him into her room, and falls on top of him on her bed. She looks at him somewhat lovingly, before being knocked back by a restless Ji Hoon. She tries to cover a blanket over him, and he kicks it off. Da Kyung then slides on to her bed next to him, and faintly traces his face with her finger. She’s a bold one.

The next morning, Ji Hoon wakes up in an unfamiliar place. He realizes he must be in Da Kyung’s room, and quietly sneaks outside. Da Kyung is in the kitchen, busy cooking, and he tries to slip out – but she catches him. She advises him to stay for breakfast at least, but she tells him he has to eat anyways. She directs him to go to the storage room to get an extra plate.

He looks through the boxes for that plate, and then finds the burnt video tape in her boxes. The video tape that her sunbae Mr. Jung had taken from the scene of the crime. The tape that shows Seo Yeon killing Yoon Hyung.

Turning serious, he asks her where Mr. Jung is; he’s in a nursing home near Paju. He wants to go over there; Mr. Jung is their last witness, and who knows? He might have more tampered evidence.

They visit Mr. Jung, who’s now completely worn, sickly, and blind. Da Kyung tears up at the sight of him, and Mr. Jung rejoices at finally meeting her again. They do a little catching up, and then he asks why they came to visit him. Ji Hoon gets to the point – he wants to know if there’s any other evidence from the scene of the crime where Yoon Hyung died. As Ji Hoon talks, Mr. Jung looks increasingly nervous and closes up, having nothing more to say.

In a small park, Yi Han catches up with Woo Jin. She’s now a prosecutor who handles mostly traffic cases since a lot of prosecutors and higher-ups are on Congressman Kang’s payroll. Woo Jin is more angry that the country’s future president is protecting a murderer.

That said future president sees Myung Han in his office, waiting to speak to him about the autonomy of NFS. Myung Han wants Congressman Kang’s assurance that NFS will become autonomous after Kang’s election. Kang says that he promises, but some sacrifices might be made when trying to rule a country – and that includes NFS not necessarily getting what he wants. Attorney Jang is livid that Myung Han met Kang without going through him, but Myung Han just wanted the assurance – he’s done so many illegal things for this dream that he desperately wants the dream to come true.

At the nursing home, Mr. Jung falls into a hacking cough that puts him in bed rest and stuck to an IV. Feeling death approach, he begs the nurse to call Ji Hoon. A little while later, the nurse presents Ji Hoon, and Mr. Jung grabs the man’s hands.

He admits that the tape he burned had a copy, and so they can use it as evidence. But… the camera pans up – Mr. Jung just revealed his secret to Attorney Jang!!


And with that, Mr. Jung dies.

Ji Hoon receives a phone call from Da Kyung about Mr. Jung’s death. There no longer is a witness. Ji Hoon heads to Mr. Jung’s home, where he comes upon an old woman who’s afraid he’s there to ransack the place too. The old woman was just trying to clean up Mr. Jung’s things, when a bunch of thugs went through the place to find a tape.

That tape is now in Attorney Jang’s hands.

Ji Hoon meets with Mr. Jung’s daughter to ask if she knew anything about a video tape. The daughter says, “A videotape? So you know about it too?”

It’s late in the evening, and it’s the night before election day, with Kang Joong Hyuk as the front runner. Ji Hoon meets Da Kyung leaving NFS for the day and asks her out on a walk through the park.

Da Kyung is surprised that he would want to walk through the park, and Ji Hoon says that he does plenty of things – usually alone. She tells him it’s always better to do things with someone, and that’s when he slips his hand around hers. He looks at it, and comments that her hands are actually quite small.

Ji Hoon: “Da Kyung…We…I…I was trying to create a mood but it’s too cold. Let’s go.”

And with that, he lets go of her hand and then drives her home.


Da Kyung wonders if anything went wrong during the day, and he says nothing happened – except that they held hands. He says he’ll tell her what happened next time, and she hands him that Yu Gi Oh card again – for strength. She tells him that next time, he can give it back to her.

Seo Yeon is at a jewelry store, where she is presented a huge diamond ring in the shape of a flower – limited edition. She then gets a call from Ji Hoon asking to speak to her. He wants her to come to his place; if she doesn’t want to go to prison, she should go over now. He hangs up, and looks at the tape on his desk, marked “CCTV #9 COPY.” He looks up at his poster that has the NFS motto on it: “We solely aspire for scientific truth.”

Da Kyung is reading late into the night and thinking about the hand-holding. Aww. She gets a text from Ji Hoon, telling her to come to his place in an hour.

Seo Yeon arrives at his apartment a little earlier than expected, wearing that humongous ring. Ji Hoon serves her tea, and they settle into a conversation about Seo Yoon Hyung’s death. Seo Yeon says that she’s already made Jung Suk Hoon’s mother give up and leave the country, so Ji Hoon has nothing to hold against her.

Ji Hoon tells her that there’s still one more person – Mr. Jung, who recently died, had made a copy of the incriminating tape just in case. Though Seo Yeon’s people may have already gotten their hands on it, Ji Hoon comments that Seo Yeon came out very pretty in the video.

Yep – there’s more than one copy.

Seo Yeon freezes in shock, but she quickly laughs it off; he’s kidding right? Ji Hoon says that Mr. Jung actually left a tape with his daughter, and if anything were to happen to him, she should hand it over to the police. Seo Yeon is uneasy. Ji Hoon has her; he tells her to confess if she doesn’t want to see her father arrested publicly. If she doesn’t confess, he’ll bring the tape to the broadcasting station.

He gets up, and So Yeon stops him – she’s willing to negotiate.

Da Kyung drives to Ji Hoon’s place, smiling to herself.

Back to the apartment – and Ji Hoon is half-slumped over. Seo Yeon leans in real close – as if she were about to kiss him.



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  1. I will not lie and say that I’m interested in Sign at all — I only clicked on this post in hopes to see some JKW screencaps. LOL. At least I admitted it, okay? XD

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