Romance Town: Episode 5 Spoiler Photos

“What are you doing with my maid?”

Be Still My Beating Heart!

I guess it’s not really “spoilers” if the episode has already aired in Korea, but for someone like me who has yet to watch it, it sure as hell made me freak out.

I shall repeat my reaction to the photos here: AHH! MY EYES! AHH! *sob* *FREAK OUT* *ACK!* *heart attack* *faint* *silly grin* whew…

You know how when you become invested in a drama, no matter what others think of it, your reaction to it is always exaggerated? That’s how I feel with Romance Town. It’s probably super cliched, and we’ve seen these photos before in various forms – but when the photos have the characters you’re interested in, it becomes something totally new.

“Ahem…um, hi!”

“I’LL carry her, thank you very much!”

Young Hee: “You’re quite the Cinderella, aren’t ya?” 

source: tvdaily


4 thoughts on “Romance Town: Episode 5 Spoiler Photos

  1. Squeee!!

    Reminds me of an MTV show when the candidates all stated: “I want to be maid (made)”. 😛
    I know. My bad. Sorry for the humor. Yet if that’s all it takes to have JKW carry me around, I’ll quit tomorrow and buy my one-way plane ticket to his home. ^^

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