Ratings Report: City Hunter versus Romance Town

Doggone it!

It’s been one day since City Hunter aired in Korea (less than 24 hours even!) and already the ratings are out for the Wednesday showings.

Best Love came in on top (with 17.5% under the AGB nationwide ratings), which is to be expected since 1) it’s been out the longest, 2) it’s got a strong following and is insanely funny, and 3) it’s Hong Sisters + Cha Seung Won + Gong Hyo Jin. If those aren’t enough reasons to watch it, I don’t know what else. (The reason why I’m not watching it though is merely sake of time. I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it…)

But City Hunter burst onto the scene with 10.5%, followed closely behind by Romance Town at 10.1%. WAHHHHHH! How can people choose Lee Min Ho over Jung Gyu Woon!? Yes, I’m insanely biased, but come on! It’s like last year when Park Shi Hoo had to go against Lee Min Ho. NOT! FAIR! Why do my men always end up against Lee Min Ho!?


*Deep breath* It’s OK, it’s OK Kae

Buuuut – if I go by TNS nationwide ratings, City Hunter gets a 9.5% and Romance Town gets 9.7%. Hehehehehehehe….

source: TVReport via soompi


17 thoughts on “Ratings Report: City Hunter versus Romance Town

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but you can’t bring down Lee Min Ho! He is a star with tons and tons of followers! Cheers!

  1. i don’t think “SHITTY” hunter will last…and even if it does edge out RoTo in the ratings, i don’t care–more gun woo for me šŸ˜‰ heheheh

  2. How can people choose Lee Min Ho</b< over Jung Gyu Woon!?
    Age is the factor. We, ahjummas enamored with JGW are outnumbered by all those LMH fans – tho I do like “He? Me not”. ^^

  3. Hv not started on City Hunter but is catching RT as soon as subs are available. Just finish Eps 6. Must say that I am very curious how things will turn out. It is not the usual Rom-com.

  4. Ibayo! Tch… Its cause Lee Min Ho is great actor and plays really good role. The “City Hunter” is much more entertaining than “Romance Town”. In CH something’s going on non-stop and RT is getting me bored. Not to mention “City Hunter” excellent cast there’s also brilliant music so it really beats up RT.
    Lee Min Ho, fighting!!!

      • I love CITY HUNTER TOO! Its not only because of lee min ho but because of the great actor LEE MIN HO!!! He is very good in this series.Love it!!!

  5. City Hunter is too way brilliant. Every scene is spectacular and well executed. The story is too way perfect which shows facts about governance, poverty, current problems in different countries around the world. The drama depicts the problems of the society and could open the eyes of its viewers. Moreover, every scene is exciting (action), makes you feel love and be loved. It is the best korean drama I’ve ever watched.

  6. So far, City Hunter is my ALL TIME FAVORITE kdrama EVER!!! The story was weaved together like fine silk – soft but yet strong. It makes me want more and more. I have never watched a repeat drama before, but City Hunter makes me watch the same episode 2-3 times because I can’t wait for the new episode. I hope the rating goes up to at least 35! Go Lee Min Ho!!

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