News Bits: 5/25/11 Edition

City Hunter is premiering today!! Are you tuning in? I’m not. HAHA. Well – after the salacious-standard-shower-scene (ooh! alliteration!), we shall see.

The photos even show off the wounds Lee Min Ho supposedly sustained during his training. I don’t think they’re real, although if they are, I’m impressed. It shows dedication, and a complete disregard of having the “perfect body” as an actor. I like my actors flawed in some way – makes them more human, yunno? But then again – movie make-up is a standard, and in Korea it’s probably easy to get plastic surgery fix up those scars…

I’m also sure that these photos were released to help amp up interest in the drama. It’s going to be battling a lot of other heavy hittersBest Love, which will most likely shoot up to #1 in ratings with the exit of 49 Days, and Romance Town, which has single digit ratings but has generated a lot of interest thanks to Sung Yuri‘s acting. So the question is, who do people want to see more? Sung Yuri, or Park Min Young? For me, it’s Sung Yuri. Not only am I already invested in the drama, but because I don’t like Park Min Young too much. She’s OK (from Sungkyunkwan Scandal), so I’m kind of “meh” towards her. As for Sung Yuri, I had not seen her in a drama before, so for me she’s like “fresh blood” to my eyes. I’m more willing to give her a chance.

  • Because Choi Si Won could not be any hotter – he goes for the “Angry Birds” look. Choi posted this photo up on his Twitter. Hmm… they kinda look alike!
  • Kim Jeong Hoon is a busy man. Just after his military release, he’s released a single, signed up for the upcoming drama I Need Romance, and is now set to star in a film alongside Yoon Jin Seo called “Punch Line.” The film is about a strict government minister who is the father to a rebellious son (Kim). The son just loves music and dancing, and of course that will go against all his father’s ideals and discipline. Yoon plays the father’s assistant, and from the description of the character, it sounds like she’s a dedicated worker – until it’s the end of the day and it’s time to leave. Soo – she’s got a free spirit too! The film is set to premiere later this year.
  • In other casting news, Lee Min Jung and Lee Jung Jin are the leads of a new film called “Wonderful Radio.” It’s about a former girl group leader who DJ’s a low-rated radio show, and her producer (Lee Jung Jin) tries to save her show. Aw – sounds…potentially funny! I keep thinking of “200 Pounds Beauty” even though it’s not even the same story, but if it’s just as fun as that film, then that would be great! Sigh* Lee Jung Jin… I drool over you from 9 End 2 Outs…
  • Kim Sun Ah has switched agencies, and is now under King Kong Entertainment. (What a name…) The agency also represents Kim Bum and Park Min Young. Gah! I want to see her in a romantic comedy drama! (Not in a melodrama!)
  • Fan Bing Bing, the super famous actress of China, is going to marry veteran actor Wang Xueqi. They both costarred in the film “Bodyguards and Assassins,” and supposedly lived together for 2 years before their engagement. A “friend” of Wang even stated that the 65-year old actor divorced his wife for Fan, who is 29. Oh the age difference! Well – if they’re in love!
  • Calvin Chen (Fahrenheit) is 31!!? Ha – that’s the bit that killed me first, since he doesn’t look it. But anyways – he ambiguously hinted that he’s currently dating 22-year old singer Joanne Tseng. Though he did say he wanted to marry before he turned 31 in previous interviews, it’s likely he hasn’t been able to fulfill that dream because he’s part of an idol boy band and women will scream in protest dating someone who isn’t really ready for marriage yet.
  • And here are some photos from the Heartstrings poster shoot. I’m really curious at how the posters will come out. The first ensemble photo below reminds me of You’re Beautiful in some ways as well. And I wonder what Song Chang Ui is thinking when they dressed in matching polo shirts…
  • Spoiler photo for Lie to Me (unless you’ve watched this week’s episodes already – and I HAVEN’T SO DON’T SAY A WORD!): ahh! Ahh! AHHHHHHHH!
Oh wait, that wasn’t really what you were expecting right? OK – further down…
source: star news, osen, asiae, tvdaily, asianfanatics, soompi

3 thoughts on “News Bits: 5/25/11 Edition

  1. yeah, i’d rather see sung yuri as well. not that i am a big fan of either actress, but park min young doesn’t really appeal to me at all.

    will you be writing your thoughts on Lie To Me?

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