Sung Yuri Fantasizes a New Future

If you’re following Romance Town, you’ll know that Sung Yuri‘s character Noh Soon Geum has received a windfall of 14.2 billion Won after winning the lottery. Unfortunately, she is stuck in a bind as she can’t really reveal her newfound wealth, and returns to her masters as a housekeeper.

That’s not going to stop her from imagining that Jung Gyu Woon and Kim Min Joon are at her beck and call.

Oh how I wish it were true…

On to other spoilery photos – it looks like Jung’s father Tae Won (played by Lee Jae Young) is not who he says he is. With a tattoo like that, it suggests that he has a shady past – perhaps in a gang? Is he connected to Hwang Yong (Jo Sung Ha)? I love how our rich folks didn’t get rich legitimately – or it suggests that they didn’t. Woohoo!



On top of that, Hwang Yong seems to have a little somethin-somethin’ going on with Tae Won’s wife Yoon Joo (played by Yang Jung Ah).



source: frontier times, soompi


3 thoughts on “Sung Yuri Fantasizes a New Future

  1. Hi, I’ve been following your recaps of Romance Town on dramabeans! Love your writing!

    I was wondering if you could clear up something for me: What is the left and right confusion thing about? I remember how you put so much notice on it in the recaps. (The right and left parts I’m referring to are Zar Lin when she got rice on her face and when Hyun Joo bought lipstick for Soo Jung and Soo Jung couldn’t find which pocket the lipstick was in.)

    • Thank you!

      The left and right confusion is important because it defines which lottery ticket is Soon Geum’s, and which one is shared by all the maids. Soon Geum made sure that the maids’ ticket was in the right pocket, and her own was on the left.

      When she told the maids that the ticket was in her vest’s right pocket, Hyun Joo accidentally took the one that’s on the left pocket. To Hyun Joo (as the onlooker) Soon Geum’s left pocket is her “right” – therefore, she took out Soon Geum’s ticket, and not the one bought with the maids’ collective money.

      It’s this mistake that’s important because we all know that the winning ticket was really the one that belongs to all the maids. The emphasis on it (with the rice on the face and lipstick scenes) shows that the maids all made a mistake, and the truth is going to come out sooner or later. How? We don’t know! 🙂

      Hope that clarifies it up for you!

  2. Woah….Didn’t expect that to be the meaning of it. Thanks for clearing it up for me! Can’t wait for new episodes of Romance Town!

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