Park Shin Hye versus So Yi Hyun

Time to compare!

New stills of Park Shin Hye and So Yi Hyun have been released from the drama Heartstrings. Park Shin Hye is shown with her gayageum, the traditional Korean instrument that she’s supposedly a master at. Park had practiced it so much that her fingers blistered, but she showed the dedication that her character supposedly has towards traditional Korean music.

As for So Yi Hyun, she gave off a more delicate, feminine vibe as the dance professor of the arts college where the drama takes place. She supposedly holds a “wound” close to her heart that made her stop dancing and become a teacher instead. It’s here delicate appearance that attracts men towards her – including Jung Yong Hwa.

Certainly, their appearances are very different, as Park Shin Hye looks more boho-chic-I-don’t-care-I’m-going-to-study, and So Yi Hyun looks more I’m-delicate-as-a-butterfly.

Lighting helps too.

source: soompi, nate


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