Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Joon Cozy Up

I’m not entirely sure if this photo shows up in the drama at all, but I can’t resist posting it up, mainly because these two brothers look so cozy next to each other! I actually like Sung Joon – he’s perfect as that not-too-serious rich kid, and his voice! My goodness!

But anyways – this picture gives me the fuzzies. Maybe I’ll catch up on Lie To Me after finishing recaps.

source: soompi


4 thoughts on “Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Joon Cozy Up

  1. I KNOW! For such a skinny, young kid he as an amazing voice. If he grows as an actor and ages well we could have another Lee Sun Gyun on our hands and we know that’s not bad.

  2. no wonder they have great chemistry together as brothers on screen.

    as a newcomer, sungjoon already managed to steal my heart.

    I watch Lie To Me because of KJH. It is a pretty decent drama but nothing much I reckon.

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