Triangle in Romance Town


The triangle has formed!! Don’t spoil for me what happens in episodes 3 and 4 of Romance Town; I know these photos are spoiler-y, but I can’t help myself in sharing Jung Gyu Woon, Sung Yuri, and Kim Min Joon pictures.

My interpretation? Kim Min Joon happens upon Sung Yuri and the maids, and asks if she’s sick. He takes her home to take care of her (raising ire and jealousy within Min Hyo Rin) and that’s when Jung Gyu Woon comes bounding in. He won’t be happy to see this because it’s HIS woman in ANOTHER MAN’S arms! The maids are cowering because they realize a cock fight could just break out in their room.


P.S. I love how the Korean newspapers call this drama ‘RoTa’ because it is kinda long to say “Romance Town.”

source: nate


6 thoughts on “Triangle in Romance Town

  1. yes a triangle but i think it’s more a quadrate ( KMJ and Min Hyo Rin) or even more with rich girl (JGW and the beautiful but still single !)
    ahhh i can’t wait for your recap!

  2. DYING in wait of your recap but so looking forward to it! I LOVE that the show has a nickname! shouldn’t it be called “RoTo” though?!! either way, RT is fast becoming a fave…

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