Sign: Episode 18

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We back track a little before the attack. Yi Han’s partner had seen Woo Jin exit the convenience store, and when Yi Han came back with the chicken, he asked if Woo Jin lived in the area. That’s when Yi Han called Woo Jin, curious if perhaps she was there to see him. It’s while they’re talking that they realize Ho Jin hasn’t come out of the storage room yet.

As the partner goes to check in the store, Yi Han hears Woo Jin scream over the phone. The attacker ends the call, and tries to finish the deed. Yi Han runs through the alleys after exiting from the store’s back door. He can’t find Woo Jin, so he yells her name, and that’s enough to send the attacker off running.

When he finds her, she tries to send him off after the killer, but he doesn’t until his partner arrives to call an ambulance. Losing the suspect, he heads back to the store, where Ho Jin is once again behind the counter. Yi Han aims a gun at Ho Jin, who initially thinks that he’s a thief. Yi Han yells that he’s a cop, and that’s when Ho Jin laughs tauntingly, “Oooh – you must have liked the woman eh?” What an ass. Yi Han punches him and arrests him.

Da Kyung and Ji Hoon rush to the hospital where Yi Han is waiting. The doctor informs them that it’s not too bad, since the impact was off. However, they need to wait for her to regain consciousness. They put Ji Hoon’s evidence of the script together with the attack to help mount a case against Ho Jin.

They try to get Ho Jin to confess during interrogation by showing him the script. Instead of vehemently denying his involvement, he looks troubled as he stares down at the script. He realizes what’s going on…

Further in the script, there’s a stage two. First mission of stage 2 is to kill the school dean as he patrols the halls of the school. A dean is walking through the halls, making sure the school is empty, when his flashlight passes over a dark shadow. He investigates the classroom, but there’s no one there… until he’s attacked from behind.

New crime scene for Ji Hoon to investigate! He checks the body – same MO for murder, same killer. Meanwhile, Yi Han stays by Woo Jin’s bedside. He gets the call from Ji Hoon about the dean’s body and they realize that Ho Jin has an accomplice, since he was in jail the night before and couldn’t have possibly killed the dean.

Yi Han goes for brute force – he pins Ho Jin against the wall and tries to get him to spit out who his accomplice is. Ho Jin says that he doesn’t want to talk to them – they’re no fun. He’d rather talk to Da Kyung.

Enter Da Kyung – he gives her a small wave. Ho Jin says he doesn’t want to be taped, so Da Kyung turns off the camera to get him to talk. He asks her a question first: “Is there a moment in your life that you want to do over again the most?” He wants to know if she would have redone the moment five years ago and saved her sister, rather than stay at home. Ooh he’s touched a nerve.

Da Kyung leans in over the table. The script is basically Ho Jin’s story right? He was rejected by the first girl he ever liked; he couldn’t get into college; he was dumped by his blind dates; he never got a job he interviewed for; the script is a list of moments he wants to redo in his life. Now she’s touched a nerve – Ho Jin lets angry tears fall out of his eyes. She ends with a warning: that they will get him and his friend, and they will pay.

When Da Kyung goes back to the other officers, she hands them her phone; she had been secretly recording their entire phone conversation. They consult with the prosecutor – he will block the media from reporting the deaths so that they can have a better chance at nabbing the accomplice. As she leaves the station with Yi Han, they see the partner escorting Ho JIn. He breaks free and races down the hall, trapping her against the wall. He only murmurs, “You’ll pay for this,” before being led away.

Ji Hoon continues reading the game script at home. The next victim is meant to be the senior soldier who made the protagonist’s life hell; basically – a drunken soldier. He makes a call to the station to see if anyone has reported a death of a soldier yet, but thankfully there’s none.

For now. A soldier drinks with his friends that evening, and later that night another drunk stumbles on the street to see that same soldier struck dead and left against the wall. The problem now is that the next step is to go to a crowded place and kill 10 people because no one remembered his birthday. Ji Hoon needs to stop the guy before the number of victims skyrocket from six to sixteen.

He goes to – of all places – NFS, where he asks for – of all people – Myung Han’s help. He shows Myung Han the script, and then asks that Myung Han prioritize the autopsies of the dean and the soldier. They need to find a clue that may help in identifying the killer before he goes on a spree. Dr. Joo announces that they (NFS) will decide on the priority of cases, but Myung Han accepts. He will prioritize these cases because finding out the truth is the priority of NFS.

Sooo – basically, as long as the cases have nothing to do with Congressman Kang and his family, he will take the rightful, moral path in solving these cases. Myung Han suggests that they both perform the autopsies together to reduce the margin of error.

The two of them enter the autopsy room and begin. Both methodically inspect the body for any physical abnormalities before cutting into the body and sampling the organs and blood. Meanwhile, Yi Han is interrogating all the people in the game developer office to see if they knew Ho Jin, or where they were the night before. These coworkers were the only ones who could have known about the script. One of them has a similar hand tic like Ho Jin, but he claims to not know Ho Jin.

Da Kyung calls Yi Han to find out if they got anything, but Yi Han answers no. It’s possible Ho Jin showed the script to someone else, and Da Kyung wonders if it might be a high school classmate. She then finds out that Ho Jin went to the same high school she and her sister attended.

Ji Hoon and Myung Han reach the same conclusion for the autopsy, so they try to figure out the height and build of the attacker. Based on where the impact of the hammer is to the head, they figure out the guy is right handed and could possibly have an injured shoulder due to the nature of the injury. Ji Hoon thinks hard and remembers the employee who had come to work late due to shoulder pain. He immediately calls Yi Han with the information.

Da Kyung returns to the high school where she attended, and thinks back to when her sister was first attending. Her younger sister had been so happy to get into the same school as Da Kyung, and it’s clear that she looks up to her so much. But the purpose of the visit is to find out more about Lee Ho Jin. Her teacher calls her up later to tell her that Ho Jin was a model student, but had one time said to a female teacher, “I’m going to kill you.” He also had one friend in freshman year – Woo Jae Won.

The same guy who had the shoulder injury and works at the game developing company.

Yi Han and Ji Hoon race into the game company in search of Woo Jae Won. But it’s too late – he’s already gone. They see that he marked his birthday on the calendar, and it just so happens to be today. Yi Han makes a phone call to Jae Won, and tells him to stop. They know where he is. Jae Won says that he doesn’t care about going to jail – the world already is his prison – and hangs up. But it’s just enough time for Yi Han to locate Jae Won’s cellphone at a shopping mall.

Wearing a black sweatshirt, he walks around the center of the mall near a fountain. Yi Han and Ji Hoon arrive at the mall, but split up to locate Jae Won. Da Kyung calls just in time; Ho Jin and Jae Won used to hang out at the fountain in the mall.

This time, Jae Won has a knife. He chooses his mark and starts to follow a couple. Ji Hoon spots him from the second floor and races down to catch him. Jae Won closes in on his targets as they walk through an arcade, and just as he’s about to attack the guy, Ji Hoon tackles Jae Won to the ground. Jae Won manages to take hold of his knife again, and he laughs that his first victim will be a doctor.

Not so fast though – Yi Han arrives, with a gun aimed at Jae Won’s head. Yay! Accomplice arrested!

Woo Jin finally rouses from unconsciousness and sees Prosecutor Choi by her bedside. Aww – Papa Choi and Son Choi are the only ones who would stay by her side! She remembers how she got to the hospital and immediately asks after Yi Han – is he ok!? Prosecutor Choi sits back and nods, but do I detect a little concern on his face that his junior is falling for his son?

Yi Han questions Jae Won about the murders, who then admits that he did everything by himself. Ho Jin had nothing to do with it. Of course, that’s a lie as well. Suddenly, Woo Jin comes into the interrogation room. She woke up – and is now walking!?

She calls him out to talk in the hallways, and then tells Yi Han that Ho Jin didn’t have anything to do with the murders. She was only taken out by Jae Won. Therefore, they have no reason to hold Ho Jin any longer. Yi Han doesn’t want to – can’t she just say she saw Ho Jin in the alley? He so desperately wants Ho Jin in jail, but now he has no choice but to let him go. Ho Jin walks out at that moment – looking back at them triumphantly.

Yi Han knows the game isn’t over; the final stage is for the killer to go after the person who tried to catch him. The prosecutor in charge of the case tells Yi Han to confiscate all of Jae Won’s possessions and find links to Ho Jin (who will be put under surveillance). He then offers to take Woo Jin back to the hospital. Yi Han texts (incredibly quickly) to Woo Jin, telling her he’s sorry he can’t bring her home. She replies (equally quickly) to take care since he’s in the most danger. When the prosecutor asks her to whom she’s texting, she replies, “My nephew. He’s a tall and strong kid.”


At home, Ji Hoon gets a surprise visit – from Kang Seo Yeon. Seriously!? This girl likes visiting people late at night in their homes. She sits herself down on his bed and asks him when he went to the US to investigate Jung Suk Hoon’s car accident. The reason she asks is because Suk Hoon’s mother had visited her. She taunts him to continue looking, since he’s the only one who doesn’t know how – and doesn’t want – to give up.

As Ho Jin heads home, he is trailed by three officers, who are so conspicuous in trailing him. He spots the hammer he would use in a supermarket but doesn’t purchase it. Rather, he walks through the aisles and then loses his tail, exiting through the back.

The analysis department contacts Da Kyung in regards to Jae Won’s possessions, so she leaves her phone behind and doesn’t get Ji Hoon’s call. As she walks through the empty hallways of NFS, she has a sneaking suspicion that someone is following her, and pauses every so often. Finally, she turns…to see Ho Jin.

“Kill the vultures who’ve only avoided you. Then take over the city.”


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  1. If you think I’m being slow, feel free to shoot me a comment that says something like, “Yo Kaedejun – get yo’ ass movin’ and gimme those recaps! Why the hell you so slow?!” Typing it in a New York accent will definitely get me scurrying.
    How about: I need my Jung Kyu Woon daily fix, pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase? 😛 😀

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