News Bits: 5/19/11 Edition

Check out Han Hyo Joo’s new hairstyle!

It’s not for real – it’s for her upcoming film “Only You” alongside So Ji Sub (sporting a similarly messy mop). It’s said that his hairdo was reminiscent of his days in the drama I’m Sorry I Love You.

They attracted quite a lot of attention for their hairdo, no doubt because it looks quite…atrocious.

  • *Sniff Sniff* It’s confirmed. My hopes are dashed in seeing Park Shi Hoo in a modern rom-com as it is now confirmed he will be in The Princess’ Man. I don’t know why I’m so not excited about it. I honestly was thinking about how I’d love to see Park Shi Hoo’s new drama, but then when this news came out, I was deflated. I think it’s more because I’m nervous about the story. He is a good actor, and so is Moon Chae Won, but I just don’t want them drowning in sorrow and melodrama! Ah well. We shall see.
  • Kim Tae Hee seems to be breaking into the Japanese entertainment industry as she is likely to star in a Japanese drama. (Perhaps taking a cue from her CF costar Jung Woo Sung?) She’s still in talks to appear in a Fuji TV drama, but is practicing on improving her Japanese. She’s already pretty popular there; all they need is to find a good drama vehicle for her and a good-looking leading male.
  • Here’s a glimpse at upcoming sageuk Warrior Baek Dong Soo. The stills are of Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Seung Ho, and their younger counterparts Park Geon Tae and Yeo Jin Goo.

  • T.O.P. has just been offered a role in a KBS drama! OMIGOSH a leading role!? The drama, tentatively titled Happy Youth Days, will be helmed by Yoon Seok Ho, the director known for Winter Sonata and the Season K-dramas. Oof – with all that information, I have no doubt this will be a melodrama. He hasn’t accepted yet, but is said to make his decision when he is done with Big Bang’s promotional concert tour in Japan. The drama is slated to air after Spy Myung Wol. I wonder who his leading lady will be…

source: naver, hancinema, asiae, nate, newsen


6 thoughts on “News Bits: 5/19/11 Edition

    • The melo will be about how their lifes is hard and how their youth days were happy… and will have much crying and screaming…….. LOL kidding….

      or maybe someone lose memory……

      • or maybe it will all be happy until someone dies from cancer at the end….lol

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