Ripley Press Conference

Yesterday, Ripley held its press conference as well! (Yes – more pics.)

The gist is Lee Da Hae lies about her past, and manages to seduce Micky Yoochun and Kim Seung Woo. What’s interesting is that Lee reportedly lost weight for her role. I don’t know why she had to lose any more weight, but sharper features perhaps emphasizes her character’s difficult past.

On to the pics!

These pics are not as fun. Then again, I don’t think Ripley as a drama is that much fun. It is more melodrama. Kudos to Kang Hye Jung for busting out the white blazer, and Kim Seung Woo going for blue. But everyone is safe and simple.

Coupling 1:

Coupling 2: (they’re not as close as the above photo. Methinks coupling 2 definitely won’t work out then…)

Coupling 3: (?!?!? and they’re a heck lotta closer than coupling 1! If this coupling happens, Ripley will be one heck of a twisted and intriguing Korean drama.)



source: star news


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