City Hunter Press Conference

Pictures from the City Hunter press conference! It was held yesterday, and expectations are high for this new drama.

The story has been rewritten from the original manga to better reflect the current times in South Korea. They did give Lee Min Ho‘s character a sad backstory about his father dying while on a mission and him being taken under his father’s friends’ wings while in Thailand. (Explains the shoot in Thailand.)

But onto the pictures!

The pictures have a nice playful vibe to it, which hopefully transfers well onscreen. Lee Min Ho is totally channeling his character with that trench, while the gals are looking mighty fine. I like their outfits as it seems to reflect their characters, and no one did anything outrageous with their costumes. Goo Hara is playful, Hwang Sun Hee is sleek, Lee Joon Hyuk is looking sharp, and Park Min Young…well, she’s just pretty – and I don’t know if that’s supposed to be her character. It’s very simple.

Goo Hara: Hey Min Ho-oppa, you like me better than Min Young-unni, right?

Lee Min Ho: Umm….

Park Min Young: Hara – stay away from my man OK? Come on Min Ho, stand closer to me!!

Lee Min Ho: Look who’s talking! Look at who’s in her own love triangle too!

Park Min Young: Woops.

Lee Joon Hyuk: Come on, ignore him and stay with me! I’ve got the better haircut!

Park Min Young: Aww Min Ho-oppa… I’m sorry. I’m more comfortable around you anyways…

Lee Min Ho: Boohoohoo! *sniff*

Hwang Sun Hee: Dum-da-dum-dee-dah-doo-rooroo..

source: star news


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