Park Shi Hoo’s Busy Day

When Park Shi Hoo tweets – it’s rare, but fruitful. GAH MY CUTIE!

Clarification: I did forget that he was in Iljimae and therefore in historical drama already. However, he wasn’t the main lead. (Boo.) I also know that Ja Myung Go is not during the Joseon dynasty, so the look will be different for The Princess’ Man. It doesn’t stop my mind from imagining him with flowing hair a la Jung Kyung Ho, and elaborate costumes. What? They said “Romeo and Juliet” and I think weepy melodrama; then they say “fusion sageuk” and I think awesome elaborate-ness in costumes. The other historical Joseon dramas just don’t cut it because all their costumes are a bit more…staid? I know it’s not true for every fusion sageuk and such, but that’s where my mind wanders…Anyways…

Below are pics of Park Shi Hoo as I like him – modern, clean cut, and looking awfully handsome.

The tweet said, “A busy day…” with the following pics:

Ah!! Ah!! Is that the Japanese version of Prosecutor Princess?! Ahh!

He got a hair cut today – probably for the photo shoot.

Then comes the second tweet: “A Nice Dinner…” which is like a continuation of his day.

There's gotta be a CF or poster/photo shoot out of this...


source: twitter


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