Kim Jung Tae in Manny


I was skimming through Manny today (I know – not giving it justice, but I’ll watch it at a later date – marathon right through it) but someone caught my eye.

Kim Jung Tae. Otherwise known as killer-CEO Jung Cha Young in Sign. Except here in Manny, he’s a benign, crazy K-drama lover who wants his romantic life to mimic one, and he’s in love with Choi Jung Yoon‘s character.


Check out Manny on DramaFever.


One thought on “Kim Jung Tae in Manny

  1. kkk..
    On win Win he talked about playing “nice” character only twice during the 12 years of his acting career.
    this might be one of them? ^^
    he’s so awesome.. more so when he’s bad.. lol

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