Actress-Models Show Off Trends

This is a hodgepodge post of a bunch of pictures – all of them stunning actresses, all of them wearing something fancy, something casual, something sexy.

Basically – a photo spamazz, instead of a news bit post.

First up? Jeon Ji Hyun – wearing a black sparkly dress that shows off her curves. Girl can look stunning with just simple makeup and a sleek bun. Honestly though – in some angles she reminds me of Zhang Ziyi in the sense that both have similar physiques, rock the sleek updos, and look great in form fitting, column dresses. No?

[EDIT: She gets called Gianna Jun in a Yahoo article showing off the fashion at Cannes. Hee. Why did I expect to see “Jeon Ji Hyun” in that article?]

Here is a better photo of Jeon’s first pink dress, initially shown here, but now in better view:

Next up: Shin Se Kyung, showing off a sexy image (that she’s been selling for the past 6 months, or year) by wearing a white minidress and underwear from the brand name Vivian, all for a summer photo shoot.

On the more “conservative” end of the spectrum, we have Moon Geun Young modeling for Basic House. (She’s doing it with Won Bin, in case you were interested – but this post is solely for the ladies.) She shows off a more casual summer look, and a style I can relate to more. But man, she looks different in these photos – is it because she’s older now? or is it the hair? the makeup?

Last but not least, Kim Sa Rang, dressed in a bridal gown at the Barcelona Bridal Week. Damn that girl is curvy, and she rocks it!

source: star news, newsen


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