Park Shi Hoo Cast in New Drama

Usually, when I see this sort of headline, I’d freak, cheer, and jump up and down until my neighbors tell me to shut up.

But not this time.

Park Shi Hoo is all but confirmed to star opposite Moon Chae Won in the upcoming fusion sageuk The Princess’ Man. He supposedly looked upon the project quite favorably, and so is in final discussions and figuring out his scheduling. This will supposedly be his biggest role yet since his debut; no kidding – not only is he in a historical, but he’s the leading male.

Yup – he’s Romeo to Moon Chae Won’s Juliet.

I cry – “NOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~!”

Park Shi Hoo in a historical? Him with the long hair and such? For some reason, the image of Jung Kyung Ho in Ja Myung Go pops into my mind; I feel like that’s how he’d look like in this historical drama. Secondly, him with Moon Chae Won!? No offense to the actress (she’s great and all in Shining Inheritance) but no way! I can’t imagine them together! I just…can’t! Not only that, why would I want Park Shi Hoo involved in a tragic love?!

Park Shi Hoo – go back to your kitty! Waaaaaaah! (There’s still two months. I’ll pray for a casting change, or a scheduling conflict. Perhaps even a wedding to plan with Kim So Yeon.)

I’m going to be petulant and immature about this until it airs in July, conveniently after Romance Town, on KBS.

source: osen, sports donga


6 thoughts on “Park Shi Hoo Cast in New Drama

  1. lol but park shi hoo has been in a sageuk before, in 2008’s iljimae:

    the drama with moon chae won (very lovely actress) is set in the joseon era, which is at least a thousand years after the era in ja myung go. so fashions will have changed.

    • oh. right.

      as for the look of ja myung go – i meant more like the hair and face structure of jung kyung ho, than the fashion and clothes. but true – fashion did change… doesn’t make me like it any more that he’s in a sageuk! >_< boohoohooo!!! 😦

      • jung kyung ho looked fine in ja myung go, maybe a bit thin but not a disaster by any means. and in joseon era it’d be more of a top knot (re iljimae) rather than how it was in ja myung go. being in a sageuk is a test of an actor’s skill – it’s good that park shi hoo is expanding his acting horizon!

  2. heh…I screamed YESSSSSS first because I kinda love the pairing…and the then NOOO when I realized this will be Romeo-Juliet-esque….btw PSH has already done a sageuk albeit a fusion one in Iljimae and I thought he rocked the period ware

  3. I thought the same. I would really LOVE to see Park Shi Hoo as leading man in any drama. Ancient doesn’t bother me, I’d like to see him be able to shine through in a historical role. Pretty lady and handsome man, everything is so awesome except the Romeo Juliet part. Not my most favorite story. But…maybe they have a Romeo Juliet relationship, but not the R&J ending? my wishful thinking.

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