Ha Ji Won Rocks the Seas

Oh My God.

Ha Ji Won is way too cool for Korea. If anyone is going to try to break into Hollywood – can Ha Ji Won be next?

In the trailer below, Ha Ji Won is the only girl among men on an oil rig in the oceans. She holds her own against the men, professionally and when they are all tested by a strange monster that appears.

“Sector 7” is an action flick that is similar to “The Host” with a mix of the grandeur of “Haeundae” – after all, it’s got crazy action and 3D effects involved. She stars with Ahn Sung Ki and Oh Ji Ho, as well as Park Chul Min (whom I last saw in Athena). However, based on the poster above, clearly no one cares about the guys by placing her front and center.

This film is a total summer blockbuster – even though it doesn’t have a release date yet. Exciting!

source: dramabeans


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