Lie To Me: First Impressions

OK – so I watched one episode of this, but read the recaps to episodes 1 and 2. Sorry – I have no time – not if I want to catch Romance Town first ep as well!.

I liked it. It’s not as funny as Best Love, but that one is just zany. This one is sweet – and predictable – but comfortable. And it doesn’t hurt that I’m watching Yoon Eun Hye again. She’s the real draw in this drama. Sorry, Kang Ji Hwan.

For the story – I already can feel my irritation for Yoon’s rival Yoo So Ran. I think that means the actress is good. But I hope she becomes comically villainous, not irritating-villainous. I hope she doesn’t become Wang Ji Hye in Personal Taste – who was mind-blowingly annoying. I do like that they make Yoon spunky and headstrong, so that when her lie comes out, it’s not completely out there. I would have expected no less from her character. I’m buying into the whole thing.

Yoon Eun Hye’s Go Ah Jung is so relatable – she’s that hard working girl next door who doesn’t seem to have the time (or care) to get married, and who’s secure enough of herself that she knows exactly who she is. She will not get jerked around by some chaebol – she sees him as a person rather than a “status” since she holds on to her morals. I enjoyed her spunk in paying back Kang Ji Hwan’s Hyun Ki Joon, and then going on to prank the other guests because the opportunity was there and it would be oh-so-hilarious. I loved her in the bathroom scene, when she rushes to pee in the suite. She’s a natural at these kinds of roles – the spunky girl. Not rich spoiled girl.

As for Kang Ji Hwan – he is like a man-boy. He may be exacting and tough – but when you put him with his family, he’s like a shy little boy who is dragged by the ear by his fierce (but totally cool) aunt. I feel that anything involving his family will make him lose that cool image, and it’s the side that Yoon Eun Hye kind of sees first because she’s involved with finding Sang Hee. That makes me like him more; under that cool facade is a little kid.

But I’m also a little impressed – how did he think so fast that it was Yoon Eun Hye who spread the lies about him being married? I wouldn’t have thought of it immediately – although it is to the drama’s benefit that it moves along so quickly. Anyways – I’m happy to think that Hyun Ki Joon is super smart and can figure things out – because that helps the pace of the drama. As long as he’s not a super genius like Park Shin Yang in Sign, who knows everything is murder/not murder just by one look.

As for Sung Joon – gosh, he’s hot. But I wonder if he’ll be better than just eye candy. It depends on the writing and his acting.

Yoon Eun Hye’s father is AWESOME-ly hilarious. He still has the straight face from Personal Taste and yet he’s so much funnier here because he’s such a straight-faced father. I want my dad to be like that – he loves his daughter, but doesn’t know what to do with her. He’s less worried about her than she thinks, which is so funny because sometimes I think that my mom would be more worried about me…but she’s not. o_O

I’m honestly torn. I’m exhausted at having to watch so many dramas in one week (I can’t give up my weekly Chuck or House) so I don’t know what to do. I am also the type that if I wait too long on one drama, I will eventually drop it.

Therefore – Lie to Me? Best Love? or Romance Town?

I’ll critique Romance Town soon.


4 thoughts on “Lie To Me: First Impressions

  1. It’s a sweet surprise for me !
    Best love, e evidence…but now Romance town for sure!
    Yes you’re right…more JGW more JGW !

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