News Bits: 5/10/11 Edition

Oh so dramatic.

The shot is from Rain’s new film “Red Muffler,” which has now changed its title to “Take Off: Closer to the Sun.” What a cheesy title. I wonder if the people behind the film are trying to tie it in to the other film called “Take Off,” the 2009 movie about a ski jumping team for the Olympics, starring Ha Jung Woo and Kim Ji Suk. That sports film was a hit.

Anyways – thoughts of “Top Gun” filled my mind after seeing the photo, which might be a good thing for the film in general – but it’s not going to make me want to see it. I’m a Tom Cruise-averse person.

  • Park Shin Hye participated in a fashion catwalk event in China. She was the final model in the “Tokyo Girls Collection in Beijing 2011” representing Korea. She was super popular with the fans in China, which was unbeknownst to her agency 4HIM Entertainment. Her Taiwanese drama Hayate the Combat Butler will air on June 16, and a few weeks later, Heartstrings/You’ve Fallen for Me will air.
  • Im Joo Hwan is off to the military! The 29-year old actor will be enlisting on May 17, and he’ll be gone for two years… sniff!* No word yet on his drama What’s Up, although I’m seriously hoping it gets picked up soon so that fans can check out his drama while he’s away.
  • Hwang Sun Hee (Kang Seo Yeon from Sign) recently signed on as a model for DP Jeans brand. She already finished shooting all the CFs for it, and will next appear in City Hunter.
  • Lee Da Hae and Go Ara posted up photos of themselves in Twitter. Go Ara went for the cute, showing off plenty of hearts and love for her family. Lee Da Hae went for the sexy – showing off her curves in a body-hugging minidress in the streets of Japan. She was in Japan shooting Ripley, and…what, decided to take time off for a mini photo shoot? I mean – she looks like she’s trying so hard to look cool and sexy but her background is residential and a shopping center, where I highly doubt anyone gives a crap that she’s there at the moment. Funny funny.
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2 thoughts on “News Bits: 5/10/11 Edition

  1. I watch Who are you ( when I can squeeze an ep or 2) and I can’t recognize Go Ara at all ( she’s prettier now but I like so much her look in that drama too )

    Really I don’t like Lee Da Hae’s look, however I love her to bits when I watch her in a drama so for her is more like talents matter more than looks (her head is too big for that small butt and the make up is too heavy – she looks a bit cheap – however she is in Japan and somehow I bet she got unnoticed – and fans were too happy to see her again )

    Im Joo Hwan – somehow I bet that the first guy who didn’t take well “What’s up” thing was him – even he is pretty well known in Korea he has a small number of followers on twitter – and rarely u can see some news about him – so from my point of view is a good thing that this happens know – he is a busy guy after all 😀

    Hwang Sun Hee I wonder if ppl are still scared when they see her (but she is tall and sexy – and not underweight yet)

    Park Shin Hye – you shouldn’t be surprised that many management agencies don’t have the slightest idea about the large number of foreign fans for their star – just because they see only South Korea’s statistics -while the ones for foreign fans should be taken online – too much of a hustle for them – even though this brings in Korea tons of cash 😀 (I’m still annoyed by this – this is true for kpop as well as for kactors/kactresses – they ignore us that much – so is very hard to be part of a Korean on line fanclub – sign ups forms only in Korean)
    rarely you can see an actor speaking or using moe than Korean on twitter – even so their agencies ignore their star power (yep CFs sell only in Korea ) (NMW I’m talking about u and your endless experiences with agencies) and all YAB cast (errmm JGS’s management seized the occasion and he is gone on tour with him – nice move ) -Playfull Kiss cast too – those millions of views soon after release of an episode were, alas, just because ppl didn’t care
    Sometimes the agencies care just for actors in big hits in Korea but total bore outside Korea (yeah Baker King – it is about u) – sometimes we just don’t get a drama – because it is only about a niche of your culture -that we simply don’t get/care/like – however the competition was way more successful in in foreign countries
    another drama is Soulmate …and of course how many ppl in that cast are in the limelight right now?
    while Sungkyunkwan scandal in Korea barely hit 9% ratings – we were yelling and screaming about it – and wanting more
    I can continue with Worlds Within… and so on

    I wonder when they will get it that our opinion matters too (btw I’m from Romania, Europe – Far Far Far away from China — more closely to Transylvania 😀 ) – or should I understand that this lil fan is too far far far away? and they don’t care

  2. I always wondered about actresses who keep posting images of them selves like all the time its a kind of a promotion cause they know those pics will keep them in the spot light i guess but alot of actresses dont have a twitter or a cyworld and they dont seek attention I sorta of respect those more

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