Eugene and Ki Tae Young Are Getting Married

OK – I don’t know why this is big news, but it is. Eugene (from S.E.S.) and Ki Tae Young (her costar in Creating Destiny) have announced that they are getting married. The wedding is set for July 23, and they both announced it on their fan club websites.

I don’t know if this comes as a surprise or not. For one thing, I didn’t know that Eugene was dating anyone so to me it IS a surprise. Eugene is quite successful in parlaying her singing career into an acting career (she’s not the only one, though). So she is a big enough of a star to warrant such attention.

It’s cute that the two of them starred in a drama about arranged marriage, and having to outwit their parents to avoid getting married. (Of course in the end they do get together). So it’s almost like life imitates art – except I’m sure their parents had nothing to do with it.

And no. She’s not pregnant. She’s totally defying my expectations by not being pregnant.

source: Star News


2 thoughts on “Eugene and Ki Tae Young Are Getting Married

  1. hahahahaha!….i was just about to ask if she was pregnant!….totally defied my expectations too….so then why are they jumping into marriage so suddenly?…..the news certainly did catch me by surprise…..haven’t seen either of them in anything…no wait I actually did see Ki Tae Young in a drama special episode and he’s hot…*sigh*…maybe that’s why she want’s to tie the knot fast……
    also the wedding is right around my birthday..heh

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