You’ve Fallen For Me is Renamed Once Again

Yeah – because one title is JUST NOT ENOUGH!

Festival aka You’ve Fallen For Me is now Heartstrings! It was a user-generated title done through a poll at DramaFever, and the top ten titles were sent over to the production company. The winning title among users was I’m With Stupid, as an allusion to Jung Yong Hwa‘s band called “The Stupid.” Honestly Korea, you and your Engrish. Don’t think that a band called “Stupid” is really going to be taken seriously, even if Jung is in it, because everyone’s going to call them “Stupid.”

Oblivious: “Hey, where are you going?”

Fangirl: “I’m going to the Stupid concert!”

Oblivious: “Really? So why are you still going?”

Fangirl: “Because it’s Stupid!!!”

ANYWAYS – so since I never really thought that the production company would go with I’m With Stupid, I’m pretty glad that they chose Heartstrings. That will now be the English title – in case you don’t want to say You’ve Fallen For Me or “YFFM” because it’s too long to type out.

Tada! Good job America!

source: dramafever


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