Jung Gyu Woon Acts Hot

If Yoon Eun Hye has to act “cute” then I say Jung Gyu Woon MUST be acting “hot.”

I don’t care about anyone else – except him. But I do provide one still of Min Hyo Rin, who acts more like a maid than Sung Yuri. Speaking of which…I must write a letter to her…

Dear Sung Yuri,

I’m not your fan. But I’m not an anti-fan. This is your one chance to make me like you – and you know why? It’s because I’m only interested in watching this drama for Jung Gyu Woon. Yes – Jung. Gyu. Woon. Not even you – and I don’t care that you acted with Hyun Bin before, or were impressive in Hong Gil Dong, or were part of Fin.K.L (and I liked Fin.K.L). So – you better have chemistry with him and not suck the soul out of this drama. I don’t even know if this drama will have any soul at all – or if it will be likable at all. I am currently thinking that it will bore my mind out and I will hate Jung Gyu Woon for making such a terrible decision with this drama, but actually I think I would hate you more if you bore my mind out and made me hate Jung Gyu Woon.

So in conclusion, PLEASE HELP MAKE THIS DRAMA A GOOD ONE! Because right now – I’m hating that you get cheered up by Jung Gyu Woon instead of me.



source: dramabeans


4 thoughts on “Jung Gyu Woon Acts Hot

  1. Swoon. Why, oh, why… He doesn’t have to do anything, he is hawt.

    Min Hyo Rin annoyed me so much in Triple and her cameo in Dr Champ was so lame. She’s a no-no to me.

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