Is Uhm Tae Woong Coming Out?!

Of the closet, I mean.

I just saw the most hilarious photo of Uhm Tae Woong and actor Sung Dong Il (Runaway Plan B). Uhm posted it up on his Twitter account of the two of them joking around on the set of this new drama/movie “Special Investigations Division” (if I am translating the article correctly). Or ARE they joking around?

I find it so fitting that this picture comes out after his sister Uhm Jung Hwa announced on a variety show that when they were kids, Tae Woong had a feminine side to him, playing with dolls rather than sports!

And to add to that, Uhm also tweeted a photo of Lee Sugeun “recharging,” adapter and all attached to his arm like an IV. It can be seen here.

Source: Nate, twitter


6 thoughts on “Is Uhm Tae Woong Coming Out?!

  1. Joo Won of Baker King and Kim Jeong-Tae are on the same set with them – and since a month ago we can see on their twitter accounts only this kind of pics – gayness galore – I bet they are jocking and laughing big time – however I wonder who’s the real one
    Kim Jeong-Tae has a kid at home
    Joo Won is the prettiest among them
    Uhm Tae Wong? he is not married yet – however he had a model girlfriend they broke up 3 years ago (who would be guilty? he just discovered his other self?:)))) )
    his feminine side? maybe too many dolls of his noona šŸ˜€ as a kid u get bored with only a few cars and lots of dolls – usually this is a sign of Playboy written all over it – since lil kids they want more…and more …and more ….

  2. Noooooooooo! UTW! *sobs*

    Although, if it’s true, then congratulations for scoring a spot on 1N2D. Because one night and 2 days with all those men must really be a great time for you. šŸ™‚

  3. @mary…hahaha…also having to switch pants with all of them…lol

    he is so goofy love him!…also he has a new movie/drama coming out??……cant wait!!!…as much as I liked Dr Champ, I felt like UTW was wasted there…..same goes for QSD and even Cyrano Dating agency (just didn’t feel his character there)

  4. @D, I haven’t watched any of his dramas/movies aside from DGCH. Do you know a good UTW series?

    PS Apparently he’s *close* to Su Ae. (See the latest 1N2D ep)

    • His cult classic RESURRECTION in which he acted up a storm and MAWANG which cemented his reputation. I love him and been waiting forever for a new drama series from him.

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