Sign: Episode 17

Episode 17! I love the director/writer. He and his wife/writing partner have managed to weave in so many threads intot he story earlier that there are plenty of loose threads that need tying up. This is the episode where you think the Seo Yoon Hyung case is over, and where you’d think the series would get boring. However – Kim Sung Oh is not boring.

Having found the pillow, now they need to compare it to the fibers that Da Kyung has.

Except – Da Kyung is meeting with Myung Han, and he’s telling her that she ought to keep her mouth shut, having been the coroner of the case and stealing the evidence illegally. He could disqualify her license if she hands in the evidence.

But too late – Da Kyung is already well trained in being righteous thanks to Ji Hoon. She refuses to bend to his will, and so Myung Han throws out one last card.

Doesn’t her sister need a heart transplant?

Da Kyung actually wavers, and she doesn’t even answer Ji Hoon’s phone calls.

Ji Hoon, Woo Jin, and Yi Han race up to the lab to test the samples. They hand it over to a technician, and Ji Hoon frantically calls Da Kyung one more time. She finally arrives – and hands over the sample.

Shaken, she leaves the lab after handing it over, and Ji Hoon follows her out. When Attorney Jang calls to find out the result of their talk, he freaks out that Myung Han didn’t use force to stop her. However, Myung Han has another method…

The lab technician does an observational analysis, and proves that they are alike. Then he does a chemical analysis, which takes a little longer. Ji Hoon catches up to Da Kyung and she starts tearing up.

She admits that Myung Han had given her an opportunity to save her sister, to actually have her back alive. But Da Kyung had been living the past five years thinking her sister was dead, so that when the time actually comes, she wouldn’t be hurt. Ji Hoon hugs her. (!!!!!) He apologizes, saying that it’s all his fault; had he not made his mistakes, she wouldn’t have been targeted by Myung Han over such a sore point.

But when the results of the test come out, they realize that the samples don’t match. What!?!?!?

Who’s the traitor that switched out the fibers?!

It was Wan Tae – the tiny bespectacled assistant. Yep – the congressman and Myung Han won this round. Ji Hoon is in absolute denial, so he doesn’t notice Wan Tae going up to the roof, giving the fibers to Myung Han. To his credit he looks uneasy, even guilty, but he still does it. Myung Han takes the fibers between his fingers and lets go, letting it blow away with the wind.

What the eff…

Now they have no witnesses and no evidence. They also look bad in front of the press, having done such drastic moves and with no results for it.

Myung Han meets with Seo Yeon for dinner that night. He frankly says that she’s killed four people, and it turns out she had gone to see the manager Joo to give him money to start over in the States, and to have him write a suicide note so that he can “end his life in Korea.” However, she really did have him killed, and his life ended.

Seo Yeon’s defense? “Why are you blaming me? I didn’t do anything wrong, they did. They dared to betray me, you see.” What twisted mind thinks that way!? Myung Han says that will no longer help her after this. He’s sacrificed too much, and tells her to remind her father that he should keep his promise: once elected, NFS will become an autonomous institution.

Yi Han tries to cheer Woo Jin up – by bringing her to a sweets cafe!! Sweets are the best way to get over a terrible ordeal, and he even feeds her pieces of cake!


Woo Jin is tearful, and regretful, and angry, and starting to doubt if there’s any worth to life. Poor gal. Everyone’s suffering and thinking over the case as well.

We skip to one month later. Da Kyung is doing her daily jog, and her route includes stopping by the quick mart where Hammer Killer Suspect Lee Ho Jin works. She notes that he’s moved, and when she goes to work she finds out they found another body.

Woo Jin is still being derided at work, for having caused the Prosecutor General his job (I think they mean Yi Han’s father). She gets a twitch in her eye and does a checkup. Her doctor suggests she wear glasses or get lasik, but after remembering that Yi Han likes her in glasses, she says she’ll think about it. Meanwhile, Yi Han is on another stakeout with his partner, and finally catches their man. It’s hilarious how Yi Han yells at the guy for not showing up earlier, and inconveniencing them.

Myung Han brings his number two man Joo In Hyuk back to NFS. It’s clear life has gone back to normal, if not a bit more subdued. Ji Hoon on the other hand is now a medical examiner on the field. They make it seem like he’s like a freelancer now – he gets called in by the police and does the first report in examining the body, before sending it to the medical examiners at NFS for a full autopsy.

Ji Hoon goes on another case of a dead body having been dumped in a tunnel after being strangled to death. He submits his report quickly, and is about to leave when suddenly Da Kyung calls him out. She’s “angry” that his reports aren’t sufficient enough on the bodies she’s done autopsies for. He realizes she’s mocking him, and they walk off together. Aw – they missed each other.

As Woo Jin goes home, she crosses an overpass and wonders if she should call Yi Han. She decides not to, but then bumps into him. Yi Han: “Have you been thinking of me? You must have, you’re wearing your glasses!” Woo Jin: “That’s not true! I’m wearing them because my eyes hurt! I’m going to get lasik surgery!” She moves to take them off, but he warns her not to – if she does, “I may not be able to restrain myself again,” is his threat.

OOOooohhh – take them off! Take them off!

I love that Jung Gyu Woon picks refreshing characters, because he openly admits that he likes Woo Jin. He leans in to kiss her, dipping her low… but she yells, “I told you not to think of me that way!…for the time being!” She means, she’ll only let him kiss her after they’ve gone on a few dates. Aw – a little old fashioned aren’t we?! It’s cute. So for today, she gives him a small peck on the cheek. That’s not really enough, so Yi Han pecks on her on the lips. And then grabs her into a hug.

Oh My God. How could I get so excited over such small contact?

A drunk 20-something year old enters the quick mart where Ho Jin works, and talks loudly on the phone. She calls the store filthy and throws her money for the drink at him. He’s disrespected, annoyed that she threw back his money, and rips off his apron. He makes a call and then goes out the back door.

Da Kyung is on her evening run, and she passes by the store – but Ho Jin is nowhere to be seen.  She goes around the corner and sees Ho Jin following the drunk girl down the narrow alleys. By the time Da Kyung catches up, it’s too late – drunk girl is dead, hit by a hammer.

Lee Sa Ra – the victim – is examined by Ji Hoon. The conclusions match her other cases, but Ji Hoon refuses to leap to conclusions, while Da Kyung is ready to. She storms off, and Ji Hoon tells Yi Han to keep an eye out on her.

Da Kyung performs the autopsy, while Ji Hoon goes to check out the computer parlors for Ho Jin. He sees him, and then sits on the opposite end of a row of computers, watching Ho Jin get into his game before finally losing. He leaves the area, and Ji Hoon pretends that he needed to contact Ho Jin about switched bags to get his number from the front desk. But Ho Jin is ahead of him – he’s waiting for Ji Hoon outside the computer cafe, wondering why Ji Hoon is tracking him down. Ji Hoon says he only wants to catch a murderer, and so Ho Jin goes, “I’m not a murderer” with a a huge affronted look, before dissolving his expression into a mocking smile. They face off, and Ho Jin sticks a piece of gum in his mouth. Ji Hoon sticks a lollipop into his. And I stick my fist in my mouth to stop laughing so hard.

Da Kyung takes the report of Ho Jin to a psychologist at NFS. Turns out Lee Ho Jin is a smart fellow, the son of two professors. However, he couldn’t get into law school, and so tries to be a game developer, but failed at that as well. He moved out after a fight with his parents and ended up working at a quick mart. The psychologist thinks that Ho Jin has a restless mind. Meanwhile, Ji Hoon visits Ho Jin’s last employer – the game developer company that turned down his idea for a violent video game.  The boss also thought something was wrong with him, especially when after he rejected Ho Jin’s idea, Ho Jin nearly attacked him with his fist.

The psychologist presumes that the murder was done with a motive, since all his victims sensed a danger before dying.

Ji Hoon requests for Ho Jin’s game script – titled City Hunter. (LOL! I can’t imagine Lee Min Ho in this version though.) Basically, the main player has the freedom to kill anyone with any weapon he likes (including a hammer). The targets are anyone in the person’s life he’s resented – a female high school student, a female employee hired in place of him at a company he’s rejected, a spoiled brat… All his targets in the game match the targets in real life. The last victim in the first stage is a female teacher.

Yi Han and his partner are on another stakeout – this time watching Ho Jin. The partner orders Yi Han to go out for food, and so he doesn’t see when Woo Jin goes to that very quick mart to get some drinks. Ho Jin chats her up and asks if she’s a teacher. Woo Jin says, “Sort of,” in the way where people don’t want to reveal their personal life to a complete stranger, and so hedges around the answer.

She leaves, and gets a phone call from Yi Han. Behind her, Ho Jin is seen leaving the quick mart. As Woo Jin rounds the corner, she is struck by a hammer and screams, prompting Yi Han to go looking for her.

She’s not yet dead, and that’s when Ji Hoon reads the important part of the game: to make sure the person is completely dead before moving on.

And with that, the hammer is raised over Woo Jin’s unconscious body.


3 thoughts on “Sign: Episode 17

  1. Her doctor suggests she wear glasses or get lasik, but after remembering that Yi Han likes her in glasses, she says she’ll think about it.
    Hmm. I had been considering dropping glasses for contact lenses. I might not switch, after all. ^^

    How could I get so excited over such small contact?
    Hahaha. We all know the answer to that question. ^^

    They face off, and Ho Jin sticks a piece of gum in his mouth. Ji Hoon sticks a lollipop into his. And I stick my fist in my mouth to stop laughing so hard.

    Thanks for the recap – and screenshots. 😀

  2. How could I get so excited over such small contact?
    …because you’re a Jung Gyu Woon’s addict ! …(Park Ji Heon ‘s syndrom…) XD
    Why.. he’ s always the first to fall in love in his dramas…?

  3. OMG!!! Only 3 episodes left!!! I can’t wait for your next recap. I already know the ending because I read the synopsis/overview on dramabeans, but I don’t know any of the details and it’s driving me crazy trying to imagine how committing suicide can become incriminating evidence for a serial killer. How will all the loose ends be tied?? Anyways, thank you so much for recapping this drama and doing such a thorough job. I wish javabeans would link these recaps to her site because I couldn’t find your recaps through google. I found these recaps by chance when I googled your username “kaedejun” after reading your recap of Romance Town on dramabeans. I was really intrigued by this drama (I’m a sucker for serial killer mysteries) so I tried looking for Sign recaps on google and did manage to find recaps of the first 7 episodes, but that blogger quit recapping, which was really disappointing. But seriously, your site does not come up at all when you google any of these words “sign kdrama episode recap.” I hope more people can find your site and read your Sign recaps. I’m sure a lot of people are looking for Sign recaps but can’t find them. In this way, I feel really lucky…..meh, sorry for the long post~~

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