Best Love: First Impressions Part II [UPDATED]

I usually do a first impressions post for the first two episodes. (So since I wrote the first part after episode 1, you can imagine my excitement in having written up the post after one episode). The above photo is a favorite shot of mine, as Ae Jung cries, and Dokko Jin turns away out of discomfort. The distance between them must be overcome, and Dokko must learn to trust and turn to Ae Jung…

This time, here’s my judgment on episode 2. Again, I saw it raw, so pardon the misunderstandings.

First off, I was less impressed because while episode 1 was consistently building up to a great 15 minutes at the end, episode 2 was hills and valleys for me. It was strong in the humor in the beginning, and I love how Dokko Jin manages to spin everything to his favor. When he gets into a car accident that’s clearly no one’s fault, he manages to come out of it like a victim – and he’s brilliant! Brilliantly hilarious that is. It’s no wonder he is the cherished star, while Gu Ae Jung is hated.

Then there was a whole bit where Ae Jung interacts with Yoon Kye Sang‘s character – which is sweet, but mild. (Valley moment) Typical misunderstandings in a way. Yoon actually has amazing chemistry with Se Ri. It’s clear she’s attracted to him. (Shout out to Yoo In Na for being good at playing the charmed bitch.) I’m actually not shipping for the second male lead in a way, since Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won match quite well. (Any scene with the two of them is a gem.) Rather, I think I’m shipping Yoon Kye Sang-Yoo In Na. I’d love to see his humble, unassuming ways bring her down a couple of notches, just like how Gong would do to Cha.

The ending of the episode was good for me, though not quite as stellar. But I am mightily impressed that this drama allows for a headstrong, confident female lead who also doesn’t let misunderstandings lie for too long. She faces the issue immediately. Watch how she treats her hoobae singers and you’ll know what I mean.

So here’s my judgment: I’m actually not too sure about continuing. I’m excited. I love it. It’s hilarious and shocking. However, there are a lot of dramas on my plate, and I can really tell where this drama is going. It’s kind of like My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I was really excited for it, but then I knew where it was going, and so I read the recaps…until the recaps lost my interest as well. I know Gumiho was a hit, but it wasn’t really a hit for me. So, in general – mixed feelings for me.

It won’t be good to have a stellar odd episode and a meh even episode, but oh well.

The following are meant to be seen in order. It displays the greatness of (my man) Cha Seung Won.

 update —

I finally read the recap of the episode, and honestly the same places that had me cracking up in the raw version, had me smiling in the recap. I do think Yoon Kye Sang is awesome, and understanding his scene with Ae Jung at the private lounge reminded me a bit of how he was in Who Are You? whenever his body was possessed by the sweet father. However, it was still mild. Is it a good thing, or a bad thing, that my impression of the episode more or less remained the same after understanding it?


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