Best Love: First Impressions [UPDATED]


For one thing, the Hong Sisters have really stepped it up. I was honestly a tad bored with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, so this was far more exciting. We had fast developments, toilet humor, awkward situations, and totally-taking-advantage-of-the-awkward-situation. For example, at one point Gong Hyo Jin pretends her car is the fancy-shmancy SUV that really belongs to Cha Seung Won. He tells her to get away, but evolves into a complex gag reel that ends with Cha signing her palm and pushing her away to get rid of her.

Yoon Kye Sang and Yoo In Na didn’t get enough screen time to really judge, but Yoo established a great bitchy presence in her few minutes. Yoon looks a bit bland for now – like he’s the smart aleck good boy. At least his mom (?) is Yoon Eun Hye’s mom from Coffee Prince. Bonus cast member: Im Ji Kyu, who was Park Shi Hoo’s lovable secretary in Queen of Reversals. You can’t go wrong with that.

I watched this episode raw (with endodo4ever!!) and honestly – I don’t think I really need subs. I don’t care – I will stumble along with my broken Korean. I’m cool with that.

My expectations were so low, but the ending of the first episode was EPIC. And the picture above? If that ain’t tension, I don’t know what is.

Hong Sisters – please do not disappoint!!

— Update — Some Spoilers Included —

So I have to say, that aside from the good old reliable fun and pun that we can depend the Hong Sisters for, one thing I do appreciate is their attempt at depth. Attempt. I will say that it’s highly possible that it won’t be very deep later on, but I do like that they’re trying to tie in these two opposites together in a closer way.

In the beginning, we see Goo Ae Jung at the top of her game with her girl group, and her songs are playing everywhere. Dokko Jin is actually on the surgery table, having an operation on his heart. We don’t know what’s wrong with him, but it’s clear that he needs to monitor his heart rate all the time. Therefore, every time he hears the girl group’s music, his heart starts to race, or when he hears Goo Ae Jung’s because it sounds familiar. I like that there’s a tie-in, as cheesy as it may seem, because it puts the two of them together from ten years prior. It’s a play on fate.

I am willing to accept this ploy as something completely trivial and, again, cheesy. It’s probably a plot point that will be used to further emphasize that Dokko Jin is attracted to Ae Jung whether he likes it or not. But it’s kind of sweet to see the gruff actor be melted by some good old bubble gum pop. Maybe that’s why he dated Se Ri in the first place – because she was the maknae of his favorite girl group. I also kind of hope that perhaps we could know more about their story.

In a way – it’s reminding me a bit of City Hall and the idea of fate (as seen in the last episode). Too bad the Hong Sisters aren’t that kind of subtle.


5 thoughts on “Best Love: First Impressions [UPDATED]

    • nooo!!! we’re doing it again today – are you available at 8pm (endodo’s time)??! and we’re watching it raw/half subbed – more fun that way! 😀

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