Sign: Episode 16

I think the reason why I’ve been behind in these recaps is because they’ve become so long! I guess you could say I’m unaccustomed to it…? Well – on my blog at least.

Anyways – marching on. Trust me – I’m not beleaguered by this drama. I still maintain that this is an awesome drama.

I also think that recapping this (so late) also makes me more inclined to watch Romance Town, because I’m watching Jung Gyu Woon in all his glory.

Ji Hoon’s revelation that the manager was choked to death is enough to cause much consternation within NFS. He also states that based on his stomach contents, it is impossible for the manager to have died at 11pm, and it’s more likely he died at 7pm. Myung Han notes that figuring out time of death based on stomach contents might be wrong, and so Ji Hoon announces he’s willing to release his autopsy for an open forum discussion.

Just to prove how important time of death is, the investigator phones Da Kyung to ask her what the victim’s time of death is; the suspect didn’t have an alibi from 11pm to midnight. That’s a little early for Da Kyung, as she had estimated 1-8am. She doesn’t tell the investigator her guesstimate, and then changes her report to “10pm – 5am.” It’s not without guilt, as a tear escapes her eye.

Woo Jin gets a call from Yi Han about Kang Seo Yeon’s hotel appearance at 7pm. She plans on releasing the information to subpoena the murderess. Attorney Jang is freaking out, but Myung Han says it’s fine for the autopsy to rule a homicide – as long as Seo Yeon isn’t accused of it.

Ji Hoon pays a visit to Da Kyung, to see how she’s holding up, and notices the Hammer Killer case on her table. Da Kyung is in the bathroom – washing her face of the guilt? – and comes back to find him flipping through her report. He offers to help her in calculating the time of death, but she quickly says that she’s almost done and doesn’t need assistance. And then he says, “I don’t know your reason, but I hope you don’t do it.” Geez – in just one look he already figured out everything. He only wants to spare her of the feeling he had when he gave the somewhat-false testimony for Jung Cha Young’s case.

Da Kyung then introduces Ji Hoon to her sister, lying in the hospital. Her sister is the reason she so desperately wants to shift the hours to catch the killer. She talks through it, and then admits that Ji Hoon is right – they should only pursue scientific truth, and leave personal feelings out of it. It’s at the hospital that Da Kyung also learns her sister is dying from heart failure. She could survive if she gets a heart transplant, but even that is unlikely considering she is mostly brain dead, and therefore not at the top of the list. An artificial heart would be expensive.

Woo Jin and Yi Han go over the footage and realize that it’s not enough to accuse Seo Yeon based on elevator footage – especially if no one saw her go in to Joo Sun Woo’s room. However, flipping ahead in the video, they realize there’s another man who entered the elevator and got off at the same floor. The two of them call up every guest that stayed there to see if any of them saw Seo Yeon go into Joo’s room. They finally find the witness, and he confirms seeing Kang Seo Yeon enter his room.

Da Kyung hands in her report, and the police have to let the suspect go. She watches as he exits the station like a little kid, and then as he walks away, he bonks his head with his fist like a hammer, taunting her. Kim Sung Oh is so good at playing an ass.

News breaks out that Kang Joong Hyuk’s daughter is getting subpoenaed, which infuriates the congressman. He blames Attorney Jang for not having better control of the situation. Attorney Jang says Seo Yeon just won’t stay put, and the congressman goes, “So are you saying this is all my daughter’s fault?” That line really infuriates me; I hate ignorant, arrogant people. Attorney Jang says that Seo Yeon must accept the subpoena for things to progress smoothly.

At the same time that Woo Jin holds a press conference disclosing the details to Joo’s death, Myung Han is holding another one, stating that NFS thinks differently from Ji Hoon’s conclusions. And since Ji Hoon is no longer part of NFS, they can announce this. This throws the media into a frenzy. Woo Jin’s superior is angry at her and wants to cancel the subpoena. Thankfully, his assistant comes in to inform them that Kang Seo Yeon accepted the subpoena.

Some of the other medical examiners are swayed by Da Kyung’s argument about Ji Hoon’s autopsy being right, and so they barge into Myung Han’s office demanding that an open forum be held. They don’t want to support an opinion that reflects only Myung Han’s.

Seo Yeon arrives at the prosecution bureau with Attorney Jang, and they face off with Yi Han and Woo Jin outside her office. She questions Seo Yeon about the night at the hotel, and about Seo Yeon paying him large amounts of money the past year. Woo Jin’s questions are all assumptive, and therefore allow for Seo Yeon to spin the truth: that Joo was blackmailing her and threatening to pin the murder on her even though she “didn’t do it.” They made it seem like Seo Yeon was the victim, and that Joo was the true killer of Seo Yoon Hyung.

At that point, Yi Han takes Woo Jin out for a chat and tells her that they found the person who sold the cyanide. The seller said he sold it to Joo, which makes the argument of Seo Yeon the Killer very weak. What’s infuriating for everyone is that Seo Yeon manages to just smile as if she’s won every time she sees any of the good guys. Seo Yeon is let go, and Congressman Kang pretends to cry tears of sadness and joy that his daughter had to go through such treatment because of “politics” and that he’s relieved to see her proclaimed innocent.

Of course, support for him goes up – to 70%.

NFS gathers at the conference room for the discussion/debate between Myung Han and Ji Hoon. They argue on the reliability of using stomach content as a way to determine time of death, considering that a person under great stress would have a slower rate of digestion. Myung Han manages to present a compelling argument, and the majority sides with Myung Han. Therefore, the NFS standpoint is 11pm for time of death.

For now.

That evening however, Kang visits his daughter at her home, and slaps her in the face. He yells at her for visiting Joo that night; if he was asking for more money, she should have told her father. The congressman wants her to leave the country for a short while, until things cool over. She needs to have an unsullied reputation, because she needs to take her dead mother’s place as the First Lady. If that burden doesn’t mess up a kid’s head, I don’t know what would. I also find it oddly incestuous. It’s worthy to note that when her father hugs her, Seo Yeon stands as stiff as a cardboard cut out.

Myung Han receives word that it was Da Kyung who took the fibers from Seo Yoon Hyung’s trachea (after how long!?), but he doesn’t want her to be taken out just yet. He will handle it his own way, especially with the Seo Yoon Hyung case dying down.

That night, Da Kyung asks her dad why never told her about her sister’s heart condition. Of all things, he begs her to just let Da Hee go in peace. They both cry in anguish, but they both know that Dad is right.

The next day, the Room Service Boy from Joo’s room phones Ji Hoon. He hands Ji Hoon the envelope he was supposed to give him. He had not gone to the police with it because he was afraid they would find out about him stealing from Joo’s wallet that day. The letter states that Seo Yeon has the blue cushion that she used to kill Seo Yoon Hyung. Joo was supposed to get rid of it and Yoon Hyung’s drink, but then Seo Yeon asked for it back. She sickly said that the cushion still had Yoon Hyung’s last breath on it, so she wanted to keep it. Ji Hoon immediately asks Woo Jin to get a search warrant for Seo Yeon’s home. They need to find the blue cushion. He then reminds Da Kyung to take good care of her fiber evidence.

Seo Yoon packs to leave the country, and we see the cushion is in her closet. They go to the airport, and Attorney Jang gets a call about the search warrant. He has no idea why, but Seo Yeon does. She admits that she lied about one more thing. (What is wrong with this girl!?)

Da Kyung finds the evidence tucked away in her books.

Attorney Jang phones someone to get the cushion before the police arrive.

But the police arrive outside her home with Woo Jin, Yi Han, and Ji Hoon.

Ji Hoon starts searching through Seo Yeon’s closet for the cushion.

Da Kyung leaves her home…to find Myung Han outside waiting for her. He offers to give her a ride, but when she turns it down, he says, “Are you afraid I’ll take the thread sample from you?”

Ji Hoon finds the blue cushion.


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